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Katiez Katz stay with different family members.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nooz Furr Purring Bout

Hiya Furry Peeplez!

We have so mush to talks bout and tellz u.... like how the Mom swallowed a soda can tab on hur purrthday and hads to go get x-rayz... and me and 3 of my 5 brothers tested negative for Leukemia and weze all turned 1 year old we finks sumtimes dis month!

We ams going to have sum good posts bout us six babies and our purrsonaliteez furry soon to helps us find our furrever home(s).

....And Daisy May Daffodil bin staying at a no-kill sanctuary called Meadowbrook Farms to gets hur lady oppurayshun. Cause after Daisy gave birth to hur kittens in 2009, hur been stressing out and kept using da water bowls for hur toilet... and da Mom tried evfurrting to helps hur not do dat. Din Daisy started chasing Bootsie alla time til Bootsie would not comes out and eats or nuffin. Soh Daisy went to dis sanctuary to get looked after and have some rest from stress.

Furrst we haves to ask u to purrs bout deze fings.

Bootsie Woo am getting Spayed today. Dat shy tuxie girl in da banner dat am hiding under a chair will have hur lady opurayshun today. Bootsie am going to Cat Hospital of Wichita, a furry good clinic wifs a goods vet named DR. KELLY JONES, DVM. Dr. Jones loves kitties and I likes hur too cuz hur helped me get over bronchitis when I waz bout 3 months old. Soh pleze purr fur little Bootsie Woo. Hur am a 3 year old small gurl at only bout 6 and a half pounds!

The Vet at Meadow Brook Farms had a bad heart attack - hims name am Dr. Brooks and needs alla purrz and tail wags he can get to recupurrates. Dr. Brooks loves us furr babies and horses. He waz so kind to Mom when her was crying bout Daisy needing helps. Dr. Brooks is a gentle soul and we ams so worried bout him.

The Mom has not been able to contact the Safe Harbor Rescue at Meadow Brook Farms to finds out how Dr. Brooks am doing and if alla da 60 sum dogs and kitties are being relocated or not. Deze dogs and kitties includes Daisy May Daffodil. Soh we don't know if Daisy has a new home yet or if dey needs helps or funds to takes care of deze babies.... Pleze purr for Dr. Brooks and all hims horses and furrbabiez. If you can, pleze call or write dem to let him know dats u ams purring and if you kin helps in some way like spreading da word dat dogs, kitties and horses may need urgent help in Kansas!

Now furr our Speshul purrsentashun.... Da one and only Miri-Go-Round!

Purrz n Paddy Pawz,

Lady Miri Gentlepurr.