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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Precious Princess

These are photos of Princess sitting on the counter at the vet's office.  Isn't she a ham!!! She gotz her bath done and her fiestiness all back.  Hur am all ready to get outta there!!

All her organs tested just fine!! No diabetes and nothing wrong with her thyroid! Dr. Jones (Cat Hospital of Wichita) said Princess might need a laxative when her gets too much hair in her tummy, and recommended Miralax. 

Monday and Tuesday this little precious girl had no constipation so far while eating corn free food.

She has been furry good and using her litter box like a big girl.  She is already gaining weight, her eyes are clearing up, but still has the sniffles. The petite sweetie tries to purr and ends up sneezing.

She just finished her antibiotics... will see if she needs anymore.  The tiniest bit of Mentholatum on her itty bitty nose helped a lot this evening.

Thanks for all your purrz, purrayerz and support of Precious Princess...

Hugz and Paddy Pawz,
Katie Kat.
(p. s. just changed the margins on the blog layout. plz let me know if it is too wide for you monitors. kthx )


  1. Very good news re: Princess! Yay!

    The margins look fine on the human's work computer....mind you, it's a 24-inch monitor. :-)

    Wouldn't worry about how it looks--it's impossible to configure a blog or web page for *every* browser, computer, laptop and mobile device out there!

  2. Great news on the test results! It is always such a relief when a cat gets their fiestiness back!

    And yes, she is such a ham, but in a good way :)

  3. What wonderful news and doesn't Princess look gorgeous now she's all cleaned up!

    Atta'girl Princess, you just keep on feeling better sweetheart

    Oliver & Gerry

  4. Glad she's checking out okay.

    We have a wide monitor.

  5. Hur am sooo purrtee. I am in lurvez... Sammy Purrzalot.

    FYI: Her loves brushing!
    Katie Kat

  6. Way to go, Princess. You look like you are about to say "Enough, Already, I'm Leaving" in that first photo.

  7. So glad to hear that Princess is doing better! We understand that Persian feistiness!

    Truffle and Brulee

  8. Great job, Princess! We're so glad you're getting a clean bill of health, pretty girl.

    And the margins look good to us. :)


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