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Sunday, March 18, 2012


More Good Mewz!! No Thyroid problems!
More in new post. Purrz,
Katie Kat.

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Good News about Princess!  

Took her to the Cat Hospital yesterday.
No diabetes!!!   She may have an overactive thyroid which means she will just have to take a pill everyday, but she is so good with taking pills.

The antibiotics are making her feel better.  She's eating and drinking water just fine.
She is staying at the vets until Monday.  

Princess is constipated though and will get an enema.  And a real bath!
Such a spunky little girl.

More details furry soon.

Purrz n Kitty Hugz,
Katie Kat

Purrz p.s.  Will find out how much this cost on Monday.  My brother is going to help up front, but will need to be repaid.  If anyone can help, please use the donate button on the right.


  1. We hope that Princess can soon be restored to good health and can learn to enjoy life again. No cat should have gone through that ordeal being stuck in a carrier in her own mess. Poor little girl is lucky you took her on.

    Love and purrs
    Oliver & Gerry

  2. Hooray for Princess. That's great news about her not having diabetes. We will purr and pray that she's feeling all better real soon.

  3. Great noos! We'll keep purrin fur her. Thanks fur the update.

  4. That is wonderful news about Princess, we know she will feel much better after some help from the vet and a bath too!!!!

  5.'s so hard when the kitteh's are sick. Purrs to you both!
    xo Katie & Glogirly

  6. So glad the news is better on the sweety and glad you are helping her. HUgs GJ xx

  7. So happy to hears the news! Thank you for helping this sweet kitty, HUGS and Purrrrrrrs

  8. What good news! We are so glad to hear Princess is doing better. What a horrible story her's is. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words about my mom. We'll be purring for Princess.


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