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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quick Eye Update

 Thanks and purrz go out to everyone who has commented and am praying for me.

A quick update asking to keep me in prayer.

Can't look at the screen very long with my right eye ..makes me nauseous.
So will be a while before can visit lots of blogs so sending purrz of thanks from here.

need prayer to keep all the germies away and complications and stuff that can happen after surgery.

Got a horrible headache and nausea.. can't think past it right now. 

Haven't eaten much, but drinking water...

washing my hands and using my eye drops.

all i did today was read a book and
can't lift the catfood bag... so just spilled it on the floor.

tried to work on posters to help find my foster kitties new homes... screen making me nauseous.
Princess the Petite Persian still needs a furrever home, plus seven more young cats...

hopefully will fix the flat screen later so I'm looking down at it.

time to put my eye patch on for the night.
purrz n prayers

katie kat.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Surgery Successful Eye now Healing

Hiya folks and furry friends!

Thank you so much for all your purrs and prayers.

Sunday morning surgery went very well...  
(the first thing I remember after waking up was hearing a discussion about intubating me due to snoring.) Don't remember the intubation, but still have a sore throat and sore abdominal muscles...  My eye was covered up with lots of bandages and a metal plate.

Had trouble sleeping Sunday night. Kept waking up... had to sleep on my side or on my stomach to keep the gas bubble in my eye next to the retina.  Is my eye sore!  (had an Rx for pain..)

Monday morning, went into the specialist's office to have bandage removed and get meds for my eye.  Have to wash out my eye several times a day and use three different eye drops.  The atropine (eye dilator) is only once a day in the morning.  The antibiotic and steroid are four times a day!!

While at the office, the doctor checked my eye and let me know that there was no macular problems and the retina looked firmly re attached.

So far just seeing light and shadows until the gas dissipates, which takes about two weeks. Looking forward to each day to 'see' how well my eye recovers.

What timing for this to happen!  Not only did my retina detach on my wedding anniversary IAug 23), My mother is having abdominal surgery next week to repair a prolapsed bladder.  Please pray for both of us.  I'm the only support Mom has...(she had a brain tumor removed several years ago).

Will write more Later...

Purrz n Paddy Pawz,

Katie Kat
and the Katz Gang.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eye Update

Saturday Evening Update:
Called the Optometrist office that I saw before and got his emergency line.
Referred to optometrist on call and had to travel outside city limits to her office, but was worth it.  (Mom drove)

Very competent and she checked my eye and could see a definite retinal detachment.  Referred to Retinal specialist in town... Saw him at 9:15pm.  Seems that I have lattice degeneration in both eyes, a condition more common with nearsightedness and makes the retina more vulnerable to detaching.

Will be having surgery in the morning to repair the retina...  Reporting to the hospital at 7am.  Specialist is the best in town, so in good hands.

Possible Procedure: vitrectomy and a sclera buckle.

Vitrectomy - removes the vitreous fluid that has pulled away and will be replaced.  According to my research, there are several things that are used to replace the vitreous fluid including gas, saline or silicon gel.  Will know more about that tomorrow.

Scleral buckle. This treatment for retinal detachment involves surgically placing a silicone band (buckle) around the eye to hold the retina in place. This band is not visible and remains permanently attached. Thermal treatment may then be necessary to close the tear. This procedure is effective as high as 95% of the time. (WebMD)

Thank you for all your prayers...
Katie Kat.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mom needs purrz for Left Eye

Please purr fur our Mom...  Katie and the Katz Gang

The vitreous fluid detached from the back of my eye about two weeks ago... (when I was going to start posting again.)  Went to Immediate care last week with Via Christi Hospital... they sent me to Optometrist: retina was still detached according to the optometrist. 

But now a "floater," possibly a "Weiss Ring" is at the back of my eye clouding 3/4th of my vision.  Went to ER at 3am.  Doctor acted incompetent... asked me the patient, what the medical term "posterior vitreous detachment" meant.  He even told me he knew very little about eyes and there was "no ophthalmologist on call."  He did not refer me to an Ophthalmologist, but merely wrote it in the dismissal paperwork as a "suggested recommendation."

Have appointment with a charity clinic I normally use, hoping they can refer me so can afford to go... but appointment not till Tuesday and then who knows how long b4 seeing an ophthalmologist.  could get referral from optometrist, but already looking at huge bill from immediate care, optometrist and visit to ER...(no job = no insurance.)

Purrz of thanks... and prayers for our blogging friends.

P.S.  I have a Care Credit Card, but maxed out trying to save a kitten's life back in June.
Her name was Andi...almost 5 months old. She had love for the five days that I knew her.  She taught me a lifetime.