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Friday, August 24, 2012

Mom needs purrz for Left Eye

Please purr fur our Mom...  Katie and the Katz Gang

The vitreous fluid detached from the back of my eye about two weeks ago... (when I was going to start posting again.)  Went to Immediate care last week with Via Christi Hospital... they sent me to Optometrist: retina was still detached according to the optometrist. 

But now a "floater," possibly a "Weiss Ring" is at the back of my eye clouding 3/4th of my vision.  Went to ER at 3am.  Doctor acted incompetent... asked me the patient, what the medical term "posterior vitreous detachment" meant.  He even told me he knew very little about eyes and there was "no ophthalmologist on call."  He did not refer me to an Ophthalmologist, but merely wrote it in the dismissal paperwork as a "suggested recommendation."

Have appointment with a charity clinic I normally use, hoping they can refer me so can afford to go... but appointment not till Tuesday and then who knows how long b4 seeing an ophthalmologist.  could get referral from optometrist, but already looking at huge bill from immediate care, optometrist and visit to ER...(no job = no insurance.)

Purrz of thanks... and prayers for our blogging friends.

P.S.  I have a Care Credit Card, but maxed out trying to save a kitten's life back in June.
Her name was Andi...almost 5 months old. She had love for the five days that I knew her.  She taught me a lifetime.


  1. We are all sending tons of purrs and we hope everything gets all better with your eye. Hugs from all of us.

  2. Purrs and purrayers fur your eye. We hopes it gets better soon! XOXO

  3. Purrs and purrayers from us too...hugs and kitty kisses.

  4. Thanks for your purrz and purrayers... whatever it is, whether "just a floater or not" is now obscuring the entire vision in my left eye.

  5. Purrs and prayers that it's not serious. Mom has really bad floaters and knows how bad they can be.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. We are so sorry about the experience with the (idiot) Doctor in emergency. the Momma knows how serious floaters can be, please do whatever you need to to get help, we will be purring and praying and sending healing vibes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  7. OMC! time is of the essence with Detached Retinas! Any damage or loss of vision is usually permanent which is why it's an emergency. Sounds like you have a lawsuit against that hospital you went to. Purrz and purrayers.

  8. Praying you will get the help you need ASAP! I know how scary a problem with the eyes is.

  9. We's sending you lots of heavy duty purrs and purrayers.
    Love & Purrs,

  10. Lots of purrrs and prayers for your Mom!! Your TX furiends,


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