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Thursday, August 01, 2013

URGENT POST Another Mother Cat Had Kittens

Among the kitties who stop to eat from the outdoor food bowl on my brother's porch, a white pregnant cat started visiting about a week ago.  She was soo large, I was sure she had at least six kitties and would soon give birth.  Last time I saw her was around Monday...  so hoped she had gone somewhere to have her kittens and we'd see her soon.  Hoping she had gone next door at the empty garage where Yubi had her kittens (Joey, Lulu, Pattie and Laura).

Well it's been raining and raining here in Kansas for about a week now.

The rains finally let up enough to mow the lawn. 
Yesterday evening, Brother goes outside to get the yard ready....lifts up old couch overturned near garage (needs chopped up for the trash service to take it away....),

Mother cat, now known as Angel and seven new born kittens were under there, lying in the grass.  They had to have been born sometime yesterday... 

She took off across the street and waited to see what we were going to do.

My brother came running into the house to get me...And we proceeded to take the kittens, put them in a clean carrier - no door, then put the carrier in the big kennel cage and we put the cage in the same spot we found the kittens.  I tied a rope to the door to the kennel... put some food in the cage and waited.... Eventually she went into the cage and I closed the door.

I called two animal care taking orgs in town, Friends of Felines and LAPP.  FOF hasn't called me back, but did get a hold of  Pat at Life Line Animal Placement.  

Even though LAPP already has tons of kittens in foster homes around the city, Pat said she would help find someone who can take them if Friends of Felines doesn't get back to me.  In the meantime, Angel and her kittens are in the kennel on the front porch with a tarp to reflect the sun off the cage.

Angel and her kittens now wait for someone from LAPP or Friends of Felines to take them.   Unfortunately, she has lost two kittens... One seemed to be barely hanging on when we found them... the other was struggling to survive with fluid in its lungs...  (see photo below. The two who went over the Rainbow Bridge are in front part of the carrier.)

Angel appears to have a possible upper respiratory infection going on.  Her eyes look red and swollen. (Possibly from the couch which had become moldy from all the rain.)

I put some penicillin in her food.  Hopefully that will help... No idea how healthy the other five kittens are.. but they do seem to have very powerful lungs.  Of the 5 surviving kittens, at least 3 are mostly white and one black.

Will keep everyone posted on this new situation. 

My brother's neighborhood desperately needs a TNR campaign.  Been speaking to a neighbor who is looking after another mother cat and kittens. According to him, there is another neighbor who actually brought a bunch of male cats into the neighborhood, put flea collars on them and let them loose... haven't substantiated the story yet, but I have seen several "feral" cats with flea collars, including my four rescued kitten's long-haired orange dad.

Hopefully LAPP or FOF can take Angel and her kittens sometime today.  If anyone can donate any money at all, I will give it to whoever takes Angel and her kittens.  I have 25.00 in the kitty emergency fund that was graciously sent via Paypal back when Joey may have needed his hip x-rayed.  Will add that to whatever else comes in.  Thank you for helping Angel.

Longer Letter Later.
Katie Kat.

Purr S.
Ifnz u would like ta help financially with out paypal, plz email and I will send you our snail mail address. (laugh_safely at yahoo dot com)


  1. Thank heavens you caught the Mom and kittens. Hope they make it. Please keep us posted. That is just awful that someone turned those male cats loose. Take care.

    1. If the cats had been TNR'd (Trapped, Neutered, Returned) then that would have been much better. I think they were rescued from somewhere else and all the neighbor could do was try to keep them flea free. I'm hoping to raise funds later to help TNR all the stray cats in the neighborhood. Purrz, Katie.

  2. Sending lots of purrrs and pawyers for the Mama and kitties! Me-Ommmmmm

  3. There are always more in need of help, aren't there! You're sweet to do so much to help.


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