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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Joey and Lulu got Sniffles Too

Well looks like me and Lulu gots the sniffles too.  Good thing dat Dr. Johnson gaves the Mom lots of Clavamox to takes home... Mai nose am funny doh... it gets stuffed on one side only!

So far Annie... aka Lilah Tov and Uncle Doobie am nots sneezing!

Me n Lulu am taking Clavamox now too.  I don't minds the taste much... Lulu likes it okay but Laurie don't likes it no mores. So the Mom gives her a treat of tastey canned foods for taking her meds.

Longer Postums later...


  1. Aw, we're sending you purrs that the sniffles run their course quickly and you're all back to your playful selves soon! Purrs...

  2. Sniffles are so frustrating. We hope that the clavamox clears them right up soon!

  3. We sure hope that Clavamox works its magic soon, and that those sniffles will be gone, gone, gone!

  4. Purrrsss that you recover soonest, kitties. Sniffles are un-fun, indeed.

  5. We call
    Our cat mr sniffles as he always has a sniffly nose lol


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