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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good Mewz and Purr Mewz


Furst sum all dis am Joey and guess what I am 5 pounds!!!
And I not even 5 months old yet!  Ize a big boy!!!!

Ize not Lil Joey no morez!  Ize big Joey! and Ize gonna get bigger! Whee!

the Mom says Ize looks like a wiggle wif sum skin stretched over.... hear I'm sleepin wifs Annie.

In the day I'm mild mannered Joey.  By night, I'm actually NIKE Cat! Dis my side kick, Tigger Boy. Weze a Fighting Crime Duo likes Batman and Robin!

Next sumpins am that Angel and her kittens are doing real good. And der foster mom used a natural remedy on ta little kitten with the swollen eye and dat worked purrfectly! dat kitty am all betters now!  Hallelujah!  Rezon Mom donts got new photos yet cuz da foster lady and Mom gots ta gets their schedules lined up!  The foster Mom works as a waitress and am only off a few days of the week.  Dis last week the Mom was all tired out and stuffs and dint have transport sooo her gonna try to gets together wif da foster Mom dis weeks! 


Now for da fing to purr bouts... my little sister Laura has gots da sniffles - stuffed up nose and sum wheezies.  So the Mom tooks her to Dr. Johnson yesterday (Caturday) morning.  da rest of us wents too.

We all gots our weights and lungs checked ta makes sure dats only Laurie had da sniffles n stuffs. Alla da rest of us ams fines.
Lulu am doing goods, even though hur breethes faster than me n Annie when weze relaxin... Dr. Johnson said dat mite be normal fur her.  Lulu am 4 and half pounds!

Annie am doing real goods, but hur am silly and dont likes to be held... Annie am 4 and a 1/3 pounds. 

But little Laurie am just over 3 pounds!  And dats fines cuz hur just gonna be a normal sized gurl.  Hur not have no fever or dehydrated or nuffin... just sniffles and sneezies and trubble breethin.  She taking Clavamox again.  If her starts sounding better by Monday... den dats be goods and she takes all her meds for bout 2 weeks... but ifns she still sounding sniffly and wheezy, den Dr. Johnson wants to try her on a kitty allergy med.

Weze all gots to thanks da Mom at Forty Paws who made it pawsible fur Laurie to sees da vets yesterday!!  Thank you Merceda!

Her haz a great website and one of her babies needs purrz too!  Her kitty Smokey has small-cell lymphoma in his intestines. He hasn't been feeling too good for a while, and had exploratory surgery on Tuesday. His biopsies showed the cancer.

They will start him on Chlorambucil and Prednisolone and see if it will go into remission. This is very sad for them.   His brother, Obi, crossed over in May and Smokey is only 11 years old.

Pleeze pur for Smokey and let her know you am purring!  Hur gave to us and now her haz needs fur Smokey....

Thanks fur listening and purring...
Your Furry Big Boy
Joey, alias the Nike Cat.


  1. Joey, you are just too cute. We certainly do send many purrs to Smokey over there at Forty Paws. We hope the medication works for him. And hope all of you have a great day.

  2. Joey you are one big sturdy boy, we are real happy that you are all doing so well and that Angel and her kittens are being watched over. We have left purrs for Smokey.

    Gerry & Mungo

  3. We are purring that Laurie feels better soon...and we purr for Smokey.

  4. Joey, you're sure getting big! We're purring for both Laurie and Smokey. Our Newton does like Lulu and breathes faster than the rest of us when he is resting, and it worried our head peep a lot when he was little, but our vet said the same thing. He's over four years old now and that's just part of who he is. Hopefully Lulu is like that, too, only we hope she is less naughty than Newton.

  5. Wow, Joey, just look how big you are getting! We sure are glad that Angel and her babies are doing well.

    We're purring and praying for Smokey and Laurie.

    Big hugs to you all.

  6. Purrs for Laurie. Hope she gets better soon. That's a lot of news, mostly good, for which we're grateful. We're sad for 40 Paws. Maw and Paw have lost 2 of their beloved cats this year. We hope Smokie will go into remission.

  7. Sounds like most kitties are doing good :)
    We are happy Laurie is on meds(purrs to Forty Paws)
    and we hope she improves.
    We are purring very hard for Smokey too.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  8. Joey you are a cutie! Nice to meet you! Me-Ommmmm


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