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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thankful Thursday Riley Finds Forever Home

"Thank you, Jesus for my little boy cat"

On Tuesday, I got the most interesting phone call from a kind Samaritan who wanted to help a woman at his church find a little boy kitty to call her own. (Funny thing about camera angles... Riley really isn't that big...)  He and the woman had gone to the Humane Society, but her kitty wasn't there. Then Tuesday morning, he just thought to look in the paper and saw my ad.  And I had just placed the ad Monday to start back in the paper on Tuesday!  He said he passed over another ad and just knew to call my number.  Tuesday afternoon, they came over and see Riley.  

Well Riley, bless his heart didn't want to leave me, and wanted to stay on my shoulders.  Yet this kind lady knew Riley was her kitty.  She couldn't wait to borrow a carrier. She held him close and walked out the door to the car!! I had several things to give her, like food and litter and a litter box, and new kitty kit from Revolution. So the Samaritan friend had to help carry everything to the car.

A few hours after Riley went to his fur-ever home, I received a phone call and the Samaritan friend who gave Riley's mommy a ride to pick up her new sweetie told me: "as soon as Riley's Mommy got into her apartment, she looked up and said thank you to Jesus..." 

He said that Riley was sleeping in a kitty condo climbing toy right now, and that Riley's mom said that "when Riley knows that I love him, he will sleep with me on my bed."
Riley also has a new 8 year old kitty housemate.

Purrz of Thanks fur Riley's Furever home!
And thanks and more thanks to all the furry blogging friends who keep sending us snail mail Christmas cards!  How did you all find my address???  Will send ever furry one an email card by Christmas Eve...  

Purrz and Purrayerz for the rest of my kittens and katz who need furever homes.
Christy (aka Christmas Tree on back)

Happy (Kitty Smiley face on back)

I did get a phone call from someone in Oklahoma who could give Riley's sisters, Bobby and Tailor,  a home. Yet he and his wife live 257 miles away and the trip down could take up to 4 hours.... 

Bobby and Tailor Playing

Katie and The Katz Gang


  1. Oh my, that happy news just made our day!

    1. I get tears just thinking about Riley and his new mommy!

  2. What a truly wonderful Christmas story. That is happy news.

  3. We are delighted to hear your news.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Dat is such pawsum news. Weez so happy da kitties hav found homes.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  5. We just saw your comment about River, she hasn't been adopted and is still looking for a home.


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