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Monday, December 15, 2014

Urgent Mewz... Kittens Still In Need Of Homes

Thanks to all the folks who have sent the Katie Katz a Christmas greeting by snail mail!  Will hopefully get cards out to you this weekend.  Otherwise will be sending  an email!  My essential tremour is making it hard to sign cards this year... 

Good Mewz, my hubby was able to send greenies fur Hannukah/Christmas and I sold my Futura Tower Glass Art Table!  Maybe will be able to help my mother with her mortgage this month.  I helped her last month... Almost caught up.  (fyi: British Hubby is stuck in England while I'm stuck in America...)
Well thought I had homes for all my kittens... then two of the homes found other kitties to love instead.  And one promised home is starting to feel out of place for Bobby and Tailor.

Good Mews is that Candy has found a possible furever home...
Candy and New Mommy

Lil Manx Bobby is sweet and curious..

So here are the kids who still need homes:

Tailor only likes her brother and sister
Riley is a big sweet boy
Christy (aka Christmas Tree)
Happy (happy face on her back)
.Will be starting new ads for them tomorrow.... Should have left them in the paper over the weekend, but thought they all had homes... that's what I get fur thinking.   Please purr for these kids... They have nowhere to go as they get bigger....  They have to be rehomed now.

-Katie Kat.


  1. We hope that the advert will do the trick and you have lots of interest in those kittens.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Oh, little loves! Purring hard with all our adoption vibes that your forever families are just around the corner! PURRS....

  3. They're so cute. We're purring they'll find perfect forever homes soon!

  4. Oh Katie weez sharin'. they awe so adowable and gawjus. Weez just know they's gunna get gweat homes. Weez'll be purrayin'.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

    PeeEss: weez can't afford snail mail cawds but weez sendin' e cawds. Altho' at this point weez a little confused as yo hoo all weez alweady sent them too. MOL Purrlease send us yous email so weez can send yous a cawd.

  5. Such little cuties. We are purring and praying that they find forever homes very, very soon!


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