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Friday, June 12, 2015

Emergency Kitten Update

I am devastated right now.... three of my kittens have red swollen eyes from URI. Showed up yesterday evening.  Both girls and one of the boys.  Taking them back to the vet today and really don't have funds... money I have right now is supposed to go for Molly and Ellie Mays spay on Monday.
Kody Bear has one swollen eye

Princess has swollen eyes

This is the same type of URI that almost lost Lulu and Joey's eyes two years ago.  The girls have homes and now they have to wait.

The kittens came down with colds this week.

Tiger's eyes are red too

Last Monday, Teddy Bear was sneezing and had congestion.  A couple of the kittens were sneezing.  So off to the vets with Mom and everyone... Teddy started on antibiotics and Chlortabs.  Wednesday two kitties had goopy eyes so started on antibiotics too.

Yesterday morning, I gave Teddy who had congestion and the two kittens with goopy eyes a dose of antibiotics. Teddy was sounding much better.

Yesterday at 1, I had an echo-cardiogram to check my mitral valve.  Did errands for mom and spent time with mom (who may needs to go in to the doc herself) until late evening only to have my brother (Mike) call after he checked on the kittens. He said that 3 now had swollen red eyes...

We isolated three from the others, but couldn't find the tube of eye medicine I had from last year with Molly's kittens having goopy eyes. I was in tears last night when I saw how bad their eyes were and I didn't have money to take them to the emergency vet. *:-< sigh

Late Last night, I rinsed their eyes with vetericyn which helped a little bit.  But their eyes are worse this morning. I'm taking them to the vet today. This is the type of Upper Respiratory that nearly lost Lulu's eye two years ago. (Usually one of the causes is herpes.)

But all the money I have really right now is for Molly and Ellie May to get spayed on Monday.

Taking kittens to the vet asap and pray that funds come in this weekend or will have to postpone Molly's spay. I may still be able to get Ellie spayed. Ellie is just miserable and hardly eating.

The two girl kittens have homes waiting for them. One of the boys may have a home, but they have to get over this awful URI first. One of the families knows.

At least Teddy is sounding way better this morning and doesn't have swollen eyes. Mama Mew is sneezing but no other symptoms. I gave her a chlortab a while ago.

p.s. I promise to get the blog pages updated furry soon...


  1. guys...we R veree sorree stuffs knot goin sew well rite now; we noe how it iz.....pleez tell yur mom ta chex
    de humane society web site N de aspca web they should have a linx ore two that could possa blee help
    with de vet billz....sendin manee blessing frum st francis two everee one N we hope everee one iz on de roads
    oh health & ree coveree veree soon ♥

  2. We are so sorry the kittens are sick. Sending healing purrs and lots of <3 to them.

  3. We sure do hope that the healing happens super fast.

  4. Aaaaaaw Weez so sowrry da kitties be gettin' so sick. Weez'll sure be purrayin' fur 'em and all of ya'. Weez hope it's just a URI and not a lifelong disese. And we hope da furmilies adoptin' them awe still in. Sendin' lots and lots of purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


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