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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thankful Thursday - We am Betters!

Hello?  My name am Kody.  I am 10 weeks old.

I was furry sick, and I thoughts the big funny being was trying to kills me... dat stuffs tasted terrible!  Furst my nose and eyes are all yucky and I cant breath and eats and dis lady gives me yuckies!  I fought and fought - I dont wants to die!

Den I gotted reely tired and gave in... and tooks the yucky stuffs and then the lady she did something really weired... she made me drink waters from a tube and puts foods in my mouth!  why she do that if she trying to kills me???  and then she loved me! she held me and tried to purr - well she still not my Mama... but waits she blink eyed and something about dat holding reminding me of Mama... okay maybe she not trying to kills me.  And then she puts me back in this big box with a wired door - I think it am a carrier.  And I was so tireds I went to sleeps awhile.

When she comed back like a gazillion hours later, I was reelly hungry.  Where she go???  I told her offs for leaving me.  Well she put some yummy meats dats comes in a little glass jar (Beachnut baby food) on a paper plate and lets me out of the box... well I just hads to eat!  I claimed dat plate and nommed all the foods.  And then she puts stuffs in my eye... oh well. I guess Mom's sometimes has to do stuffs we don't likes, but somehow I was starting to feels better! That was like Caturday.   Here am a photo of me from Sunnyday

See that red eye? Well my eye not red no more!  And Tiger had a swollen eye too and Princess had yucky eyes... Guess what??  We dont gots dat no more!  

After being a good boy and taking all my yucky stuffs this weeks, I am much better and no more yucky eye! My sisfurs Tiger Lily and Princess are betters too!

Well I want to go play now... Thanks for all the purrz and for what the Lady says am green stuffs dat help her hunt for foods and meds for us...

My sisfurs Princess and Tiger have homes waiting for them. I hopes I find my forever Mom furry soon cause I am so glad to be a good kitty! Dandy and Teddy need forever homes too. 

One of us boys may has a home with an older lady who lives in an "assisted living facility" I dont know what dat is, but sound like where they help you be good like The Lady helped me get wells.

The Lady said we am getting vakynation shots on Saturday... Hope dat aint more yucky meds.
But I likes the Vets room. That will be fun to run around there again.

Please keep us all in your purrz..Mama Mew gotted sick too and had to take meds. She am feeling betters.

Teddy not sick no mores with congestion cause he was a good boy and tooks his meds, but Dandy am sneezing some.

Purrz from Kody the Fearless.
Princess, Tiger, Teddy and Dandy
And Mama Mew Mew.

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  1. WE are so glad that you all are feeling better. We sure send many purrs that you continue to get better. And thanks to that wonderful Mom of yours for working so hard to get you feeling better.Good luck to all of you.

  2. I am so happy to hear you are feeling better, we have been worried about you. Hey, come by and visit With me on Sunday.

    1. We will purr-certainly do that!! Purrz n stuffs, Kody Bear

  3. You dearest precious baby. Mommy is in love with you and I don't mind.

  4. Hooray! We are so glad you are feeling better, sweet ones! We will keep on purring and praying, okay?

  5. I am glad you feel better. If I didn't already have 15 cats and a hubby that won't let me get more, I would adopt you.

  6. Weez glad yous all be gettin' better and weez sendin' lots and lots of purrayers. We sure hope yous boys find a gweat home and soon.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


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