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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Caturday Angel Plays Fetch and Cats in Need

Hiya Folks, Angel here, still waiting for my forever home... I just finished snoopervising this teddy bear... we are donating to Winnies Wish for their auction November 7 to November 21... If you have a fun item to donate for the auction, let Andrea know!  Very good cause and helps save more kittiy lives!

As promised --- the mom finally had some breathing time to upload my video!  I loves playing fetch... (plz disregard the part where Mom Lady's back end is in the way of me and my mousie). If you are on Facebook, please help me find my forever home!  Here am the link to share of my video.​

Now an Update on Cats in Need Friend.
Last Monday, the Mom tooks Cat food and Cat Litter to our friend in Need... And then On Tuesday, the Mom tooks moneys out of our funds to cover half her weekly rent.  Sylvia is a housekeeper and usually cleans rooms for the motel she and her five kitties stay in, but one of the motel's residents started making trouble and now she has to wait until a court date in November for the troublemaker to be evicted... 

Until then, she is not allowed to work because of a restraining order.  Sylvia and her kitties need our help to pay their rent or become homeless (the motel owner is not giving her a break on rent until the matter is taken care of)

Here am a bio on each sweet kitty.
Narcisca, the Mom kitty.  She's a little shy and cautious at first... very sweet mama girl. Loves all her babies and hates when one has to go to the vet or is sick.  She did some sneezing the other night and worried Silvia. All was good in the morning.  Hope her just had gotted some dust in her nose.

Ronnie - Sometimes he eats non food stuff and throws up Last weekend... He had to go to Dr. Stabby and gets a shot... The Mom was able to pay for that shot out of the Katie Katz fund.  Ronnie is the bravest and liked the Mom very quickly... but he let the Mom know Silvia was the only Mom for him... mol.  He only kisses Silvia and loves to sit on her shoulders.

Natasha - her am very shy... She didn't come out until the second time the Mom visited.  Soo sweet and lovable.

Gordo is a big boy and loves to check new people out from a distance...  He blink eyed with the Mom though.

And last of all... Silly Guero (white).  He meets new people by crawling under the covers so he can't be seen... Yet the Mom still got to pet him... from on top of the blankies.

Well Mommy Silvia needs at least 150.00 for next Tuesday's rent... Can we all pitch in and help these sweet kitties and their Mommy???  Please use the Paypal linky below and write in the notes "For Silvia and her Kitties."  You can also go to your Paypal account and use the give to family for no paypal fees - and send to laugh_safely at

Be Safe kitties this weekend and Stay inside...  You can go to blog parties instead.

Have a safe Halloween Day.

Purrz from Angel and The Katie Katz


  1. We hope things pick up for your friend and her cats. It's a shame she isn't able to work now. What happens if the resident isn't evicted? Does Silvia have somewhere to go?

    1. I don't think Silvia has a place to go... at least none that I know of...

    2. Jans hi!! I'm silvia. I'm applying everywhere starwood,Marriott residence inn,going to a interview with a lady Sunday Ariel who just started her company its small 2 people. I'm posting everywhere for homes to clean Facebook,craigslist. Still no luck. I won't give up. Hope I get a house to clean. The landlord gives me few days after rent due to catch up. I have never been homeless don't want too. I'm praying to find work.

  2. Kat thank you again for writing blogs on my furkids.

  3. They are all beauties- I hope they get their forever homes soon.

    1. They have a forever home.... With a sweet lady named Silvia... She needs help keeping her home...


  4. Thank you for talking about the auction! We are hoping and praying for homes for all the sweet kitties!

    1. you're welcome! Those kitties has a home... with a sweet lady named Silvia... they needs greenies to help keep their home...

      Purrz from Angel who am looking for a home.

    2. I am sorry I misunderstood that! I am praying things get resolved for them soon and they don't end up homeless! Just curious, have you posted about them on facebook?


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