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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunnyday Mewz - Found Kittens Go Home and Cats in Need.

Lost Kittens Returned... Thanks To Face Book
Hiya Internet Folks, 
Gypsy was lost..

My name am Gypsy and Mousies! was I ever lost! 

Last Saturday, the lady says that was October 17, I ran into Auntie Katiez house... well that's her name... You see, I wandered from home looking for Sister and found myself on wrong side of the tracks... for real... The street where I lives has a train track running through it... and a fence to keep peeples out, but no match for my sister and me, cause we be 5 month old kittens.  I was wandering up dead end street cause I smelled Sister... thought I saw her on other side of metal rail thingies... didn't know what thingies waz..I ran through fence and over tracks to other side... wait... where Sister go?
Gypsy tries to think to Auntie Katie

I kepts looking and looking and I gots hungry and thirsty... I asked alla peeples outsides... You seen Sister? Can I has waters or foods???  Everyone nice and petted me, but no foods or waters...gots really lates and then  car run into driveway... peeples got out...lady and guy....they had to be goods, smelled like kitties... turned out lady was Auntie Katie... and guy Uncle Mike.

Lil Sister Girl
oh goody... I ran ups and yelled... I hungry! Dey opened screen porch door and I ranned in.....  Auntie Katie feds me and let me stay in bathroom cause da other kitties didn't know me... On Sunnyday, I tried reeelll hard to tells her... You seen Sister Girl??? I looked real hard at her and thought and thought of faces of my mommy and Sister... and meowed. "Where Sister? Where Mommy?" 

Auntie Katie said, "I know you trying tell me where you came from, I can see it on your face... sorry honey, don't know your mommy... I will help you find her."  I slept with Auntie Katie two nights... and then Monday (19th), her was outside talking to neighbor across street... and Sister ran up and asked for foods... and guess what?  

Auntie Katie brought her inside and put me and Sister on screened in porch!!!  Hooray!  Where you been Lil Sister?  I been looking all over for you!  Sister said her wandered around getting petted and next thing she knew her waz on other side and a scary train came by!! While we on porch hanging out... Auntie Katie tooks photos. Then went to Uncle Mike's house, got on Facebook and posted our pics... Our Mommies called her right away!! 

Katie came home and we begged for boiled eggs..(my dinner... mol) dey was goods... and then off we wents home! Hooray!   Here are our together.  

They am Sisters...  We sooo glad to be home! Mousies!!!


Gypsy the Lil Kitty 

(Gypsy is the softest, sweetest kitty... and yes he tried to think to me...Sister had been lost for almost a week and Gypsy for a day when he found me -Katie Kat.)

Friend in Need of funds to feed herself and cats...
Hiya fur friends... Angel here... so glad that little boy cat am outs of my fur...  Mousies indeed!!!
Gypsy am home and not in my kitchen no more so I can play fetch with my mouses... next post the Foster Mom Katie and I will show you a video of me playing fetch! 

Well.. Foster Mom Katie has a friend in need of funds to feed her kitties...and her self. The lady's name am Silvia... One of Silvia's kitties had to go to vets cause him ate a food that gave him tummy ache... I should know about that cause I eats grain free or I gets tummy aches too.  His name am Ronnie and he went to vets... and get steroid shot... poor kitty.  I hopes I dont has to get those for my tummy.
Ronnie needed a shot for hims tummy

The shot was 35.00 and Katie paid that out of property tax funds cause we dont gets moneys until Wednesday.... And Silvia's kitties need to eats and get litter... They eats Purina Naturals which works for their tummies...and Tidy Cat Litter... Well weze gonna helps Silvia's kitties has foods and litter this week... Silvia lost her job as housekeeper and now she is out of work and her kitties has nowhere to lives but motel...

Weze gonna gets a big bag of foods and litter... just under 30.00.  Well they need the foods now...  so Katie gonna get it tonight. 
Can you helps re-imburse our funds with at least 65.00?  We are hoping to keep helping if we can...

Purrz from Angel and Katie.

P. S. I am going to talk to her about setting up a Go Fund Me so she can pay for her room, and have food for herself and her kitties... Below are some pic of her fur kids.  Please use the Paypal link on the side... let me know that the money is for Silvia and her kitties so I know how to use the funds...
-Katie Kat.

Narsisca the Mom


  1. We are so happy those kitties came to your home so they could be found and sent home :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Wow your lady sure is wonderful to help take care of so many kitties!

  3. Those kitties sure lucked out when they came to your house! Purrs and prayers!

  4. Best news ever :) Extra Pawkisses to all of you :) <3

  5. We are glad the kitties found their home.

    We will purr that Silvia is able to find work soon so she can care for herself and her cats. You are so wonderful to help them.

  6. Oh my, we are sure glad all worked out okay for sweet Gypsy and the Sis!

  7. Glad yous was able yo get da little sisfurs back to their mommies. Dat always feels nice. Sowry 'bout da furiend and hers kitties. Mommy dusn't eat cuz there be no money fur hers foods so she knows how da lady feels. Mommy sez da hunger pains will go away after a kupple weeks and then she won't notice it anymore leessen she eats sumfin and da cycle starts again. Weez hope da kitties do okay. Moommy sez da kitties be da mostet purrtant of all cuz they don't unnerstand no moneys and didn't ask to be wiffout. Weez sendin' all we have, purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. What good news that the kitties found each other and their home. It is so nice of you to help these kitties. Thank you so much for visiting our blog.


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