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Wednesday, February 08, 2017


UPDATE: Gordo is out of surgery. He made it through, but he is very delicate right now and will need lots of monitoring for several weeks.  Please keep him in your prayers and help us keep him and his fur family from being homeless during this time... 
PRAYERS NEEDED RIGHT NOW  and Thank you for your purrz...GORDO IS IN SURGERY TO REMOVE HIS URETHRA this morning.

We took Gordo in to vet yesterday afternoon with urges to pee, yet his bladder was empty. 

Then Silvia woke me up this morning, pounding on my door - She had just been to the vets and they said Gordo's bladder was swelling up with urine, becoming hard - and vet was recommending surgery.  His health is not as good as Guero's when he had PU surgery last year.  Only good thing is since last week he has gained a pound - over 9 pounds now vs 8 pounds. Yet he should be 12 or 13.

Gordo is now in surgery this morning to remove his urethra - he has been battling for too long with cystitis and this morning, he was painfully full and could not go - same as two weeks ago when he had to go to ER and get catheter (and we couldn't afford after surgery meds that would have made that less painful) 

Gordo has been eating canned food alot, including Hills - We tried D-Mannose and L-methionine and Prozasin to keep from doing surgery.... now he is having surgery. See More about Gordo Gordo Needs Purrz.

Surgery is 600.00 - There was 100 in the Pet Funds bank account for Gordo already (for new tests) and then we borrowed another 180 to put 280 down (math updated Feb 9th). The rest of the bill still needs paid (and money borrowed returned).

Please if anyone can call Arapahoe and ask for Gordo Espinosa - Silvia's account - (316) 262-6491.  Just checked Paypal and a loving friend sent one hundred. We still need 220 more (math updated Feb 9th - the paperwork we have is just showing how much has been paid already).

Silvia and I spoke to another cat owner last night that all five of her boys had PU urethra removal surgery and they were eating Purina Naturals. Silvia has been feeding her cats Purina Naturals for years until last year her cats began having pee problems - maybe there is a connection... - just two fur families, Silvia and another family in a kitty kat group on FB - would take more to point to Purina, yet I know their food quality has gone way down very recently (that's why my cats no longer eating Purina) and the regulations on pet food are not being followed by many companies... (see Truth About Pet Food Website and )

And now another friend on Facebook just mentioned that she read somewhere about Purina Naturals being an aggravator in UTI issues.... OMC. When I find the link will post it here. The most I have found was a consumer reports with several complaints pointing to Purina and some of the complaints were cat bladder related:


Hi I'm Gordo. I was born January 18 2010. I'm a handsome guy who loves my mom and fur family. 
Here are his Mom's Silvia's words from last night in a post on FB:

Gordo has been going through a change in weight..bladder UTI this past few months. UTI have played major role right now. He's on cans drinking lots. Two weeks ago had Vet ER after hours check him had been plugged.Got catheter and next day my vet put him on Baytril.

He sorta improved but days later had a steroid shot. He did fine for few days. I just recently started D-Mannose, a natural sugar that cleans urinary tract line and L-Methionine to Ph balance to clear any crystal formation.

Dr prescribed prazosin pill to relax bladder. He is eating his Hill cans again. Yet with all this he starts his urge of frequency trying to pee wont release urine but vomits to pee. Right now Gordo has urges frequency not peeing. Just spots.

I've done all what Dr said and nothing is helping... I don't know what to do. I love my boy and I can't have kids... I know Gordo is in pain... Gordo wants to continue with life. 

Dr Mahoney with Arapahoe vet clinic is treating him. Can Gordo get some Angels to call in to continue being with his mom to Arapahoe vet (316) 262-6491 under Gordo Espinosa. Gordo would like to say thank you to cat followers and pray for him. He has 9 lives and wants his 9 lives to continue...

Thank you from Gordo.

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  1. dood....we send de blessings oh st francis two ewe manee timez over that ya make a compleet & full ree coveree, we R sorree ya had two go thru all thiz ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  2. Poor sweetie, super purrs and prayers from all of us.

  3. Poor Gordo! I'm sorry that he has been so ill lately. I'm glad to hear that he came through surgery well. My kitties and I will be sending purrs and prayers your way. It is so hard to watch a kitty go through so much pain.

  4. Sending prayers and Brando sends Cavalier hugs!!! <3


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