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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine Flowers, Jolly Home, Gordo Healing

Miss Honey Peach here helping blog today.

The Mom got her Valentine flowers today from the Dad Purrson...  The flower shop was too busy yesfurday to send them. The mom just wanted roses... yet look at all them other purrty flowers and lilies!

Mom doesn't know where to put this big vase! 

We would want to help out by knocking it over in the living room (pictured)

So right now am on the kitchen counter...
I don't usually get on that. 


Yesfurday, Jolly's bill was finally paid and he went home to be with hims family...

He went to Heaven Furever last year on May 28th. Only three years old. I did not get to meet Jolly. I don't really like boys, yet Jolly was a furry good boy who always wanted outside. He was too nice a kitty and gotted beat up by an unknown cat who had a furry bad disease called Leukemia. His mom had not gotten Jolly that shot... furry sad. 
You can reads more about Jolly Needs Purrz.


Guero is doing well - drips a little, will take a long time  to heal.  You can read abouts hims surgery here: Gordo Emergency Surgery

Katie Mom and Uncle Mike got a whole truckful of appliances to recycle this week (have to take motors out first -Kat) and then this weekend we haz a trashing pawty! kinda sorta - Katie Mom and Uncle Mike going to take down an aluminum building. I don't know what aluminum am must be likes gold or sumpin.

All the Mewz Fur Today... More tomorrows.

Purrz from Miss Honey Peach
who am teaching Chiquita how to be a lady.

We are Joining Wednesday Blog Hop!! (cause this am as wordless as we gets this week... MOL)


  1. Glad things are goin' well. Sendin' purrayers

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  2. Heal soon dear Gordo, we are sending purrs.

  3. Get well soon Gordo. And make sure you all stay away from the pretty flowers- lilies are very poisonous.

  4. I'm glad to hear that Gordo is healing well. He has had a rough ride lately. It is good that Jolly's family finally has him back too. Leukemia is a horrible disease. Your mom's flowers are beautiful! Make sure you enjoy the lilies from afar.

    1. Thank you! In fact the mom am throwing the lilies away cause they gave her asthma attack. And the fragrance from a lily made Gordo's brother Guero stop breathing today... More bout that tomorrow.

  5. Hi to all our good friends! Thanks fur the updates. We are sending lots of purrs and prayers to Guero and you all!
    Timmy and Family


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