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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thankful to Know Asthma from TOXIC LILIES BEWARE!!

Hello internets, this am Guero, the kitty you saved last year... I am doing lots and lots goods. I had the same surgery that my brother Gordo had last week. Well I has a furry impawtant message to tells you

Yesfurday Auntie Katie gotted mew flowers from her hubby Purrson... and there were lilies in them...

And yesfurday afternoon, Auntie Katie Gave Mom Silvia a branch of Lilies to put outside on her window sill not inside where us kitties could get to them... cause Auntie and Mom knew that ifs we chewed on a lily, we could get furry sick.
Now here is the parts that none of us knew.

Mom Silvia carried the lily into the motel room with her, holding it to get water to put it in vase and set outside....They was not even blooming yets save for one that had broken off and was getting all wilty.


I got a good wiff of the lilies and gotted an asthma attack just from the fragrance and possibly pollen. Mom Silvia rushed me to Vet - my lips were turning blue. I COULD NOT BREETHES!!!! 

Thank goodness Mom got me to vet on time and vet poked me with shot to saves my lifes and gets me to breathe again.

Then today a kind person paid that bill.

We are so thankful for knowing lilies am bad!! Yet now we knows that I can't haz Lilies around even to puts in water and then outside!!

Pic from Cat Wisdom 101
BEWARE - Kitties can get asthma from lilies.

Auntie Katie also gets asthma attacks from some flowers if they are inside.

and No Lilies evers again for Auntie Katie and her Katz. 

That's just too scary.

Here am more to reads about Lilies:

Purrz of thankfulness,

Guero the Internet Cat 

We am joining Thankful Thursdays at Brian's Home


  1. Yes, those things are deadly and thanks for sharing that horrible experience. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    1. Thanks Brian. Mom Silvia knew to put them outside. She didn't know about pollen and breathing the smelly flower. I threw UPS all dinner within five minutes of smelling and then my lips turned blue. Thank goodness I could go to vets with no moneys at first

  2. I knew lilies were very dangerous for cats but I had no idea about the asthma. Mudpie has asthma, but I know it's not caused by flowers in the house because I don't keep them around.

  3. I knew they were bad to ingest, but I didn't know they could even cause an asthma attack.

  4. so glad to hear that everything worked out all right! Good to be reminded of things that can hurt cats!


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