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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Gordo Came Home Yesfurday and Selfie Stuff

Me Natasha!
Hiya Blogging Friends!!
Natasha with my pretty selfie am Repurr-ting Today!!

Guero Home and Hanging Out in Kennel
Brother Gordo came home yesfurday!!!
So far Gordo is eating well and even gained weight while at the vets. He almost knows where to stand in the litter box. Auntie Katie gotted Mom Silvia puppy pads, Feliway refill and let Gordo borrow a kennel cage to rest in. He hated the cone at first and fought it like the Tiger he is and made a pee mess on the blankies on the bed - calmer today.

Me and my brothers and Mama Narcisca think he smells funny - Ronnie bit Mom Silvia's toe last night cause him mad that Gordo smells funny. I can't wait til Brother Gordo doesn't smell funny no mores. Then I can loves on him.
Guero Home and Hating Cone
Well remember last post we said the bill was $600?? Well yesfurday Mom Silvia and Auntie Katie founded out when they went to pick up Gordo - the bill was $660!!! Mouses!!! 

At the time yesfurday, we had paid $380 from funds raised and donations. Yet then Auntie Katie and Mom had to figure out how to pay $280 vs $220. Because of our kind loving friends and family, and appliances and junk metal fur recycling (and 40.00 from credit card - Katie Kat), we managed to haz enoughs to pay dat $660.00. But we still had to use funds fur our rent dat am due on Tuesday. 

So far, we has $30 toward our rent and needs $120.00 more. Uncle Mike and Auntie Katie am picking up more appliances and stuffs but we gonna needs a hundred at least to just keep Gordo and us cats and Mom Silvia to has roof over our heads... and then there am special diet food that Gordo needs...

And all us kitties may be changing our diet from Purina Naturals to another kitty foods... Two of my brothers had yucky surgery to now go like girls cause of foods and water not being right ph balance. And Ronnie gotted UTI once too and him not get sicks usually. 

Thank you fur all your purrz and helps fur us kitties... Thank you fur helping our Mom Silvia look after us and has a better lifes. We loves you soo much!

And cause we loves all our real goods friends and folks helping us - Auntie Katie am making a PRIVATE secret Ninja Hideout Blog. Just our donators, purrr warriors (and KFM commenters) will gets to see dat blog. There will be lots of photos of us kitties and more details of how all of us are doing, including my kitty family and all the kitties that Auntie Katie helps. More details about that furry soon. (One of the surprises mentioned in previous posts, exclusive to our Purr Angels and Hero Donators,  and then frequent KFM commenters and close friends. - Katie Kat)  

Here am more selfies afore we go... We shows you Mama Narcisca next times....

Purrz from Natasha.

Happy Guero that you saved him last year same surgery

Ronnie aka Johnny the escape artist
Cute lil ol me, Natasha

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  1. We sure hope dear Gordo feels back to normal super soon. Purrs from all of us here!

  2. We're so glad Gordo is home. We are purring and praying that he's all better, real soon!

  3. Will try to help with the rent when I get home from work tonight - and prayers for Gordo and good idea to change the food - Karen Lucas

  4. We are beyond glad that Gordo is home and recovering. We continue to send him (and all of you!) lots and lots of purrs and prayers!

  5. We're so glad Gordo is home and on the mend! XOX

  6. Happy Valentines day. We purray your day is full of luv and extra cuddles. And we purray all be well.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  7. Welcome home Gordo.

    You all deserve better guys. I am just glad you are here for the Selfies each week.


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