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Sunday, October 08, 2017

Peachy, Angel and Chiqui Wants to Know...

Miss Peach, Angel and Chiquita decided to takes their selfies on the covered porch today...

Miss Peach


...and they wants to knows... has you seen our mew pages?

Haz you reads our KFM Story yet?

Chico, Chiquita's half-brother

AND Chico, a feral kitty at Silvia's place, who furry much wants to lives inside (we are trying to trap him) asks has you reads Silvia's Story?

They tell about us and how we needs your purrs and suppurts...  As as soon as furry pawsible.
Lady Grey & Ninja Kittens

Can you help us help more kitties?

We gots rents to pays, cat foods, vet visits... and even a Mama kitty and kittens who needs fixed. Please share our stories and help more folks catch the vision of Katiez Furry Mewz, a pet helping ministry, and helps us become a life care sanctuary to help more pets in need, especially us kitties!

One more fings....

Haz you heards?

The Mom went to a seminar hosted by HSUS last week and it was furry goods! You can learn more about rethinking Cat Rescue at 

More furry mewz furry soon....
Angel, Peach, Chiquita
and Chiquita's half brother, Chico.

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  1. Mee-you Peachess an angel an Chiquita an chcio iss grate to meet all of youss'. Pleeze do not get too close. mee iss berry sick butt mee had to come an sue-pport youss'.
    Thee foto of black kittss inn thee sink iss priceless! LadyMum said her heart sorta went all 'melty'!
    if mee had not used all thee xtra $money$ this month mee wood send you sum. Butt wee had to pay thee Vet Man!
    Sendin purrayerss of hope to youss'.
    Sinseerlee, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  2. Oh my, y'all are such a good looking bunch, seriously!

  3. Wow, look at all of you. Brian is right! You're all fine-looking kitties!

  4. Yikes sorry I am late! You all have done some excellent selfies this week, and of course those kittens are delightful I bet that basin has never seen so much fluff in it's plug hole MOL
    Have a wonderful day and week
    Toodle pip and purrs

  5. One day, when I am rich I will give you everything you need.

    Lots hold on to that dream and share your story in the meantime!

  6. You are all so cute❤Pawkisses for a happy day😽❤😻


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