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Sunday, October 22, 2017

This week am gonna be purry busy

So the Mom am getting nervous... about the trip to Manhattan, Kansas on Wednesday morning with Mama and the Ninja kittens...  And Lovey the grey kitty is still having trouble seeing - she is adjusting some tho.

Mom and 3 of 4 Ninja Kittens
Needs to ask our Cat Tails rescue friend what time to be there again... and how many carriers - can we puts Mama in a carrier, girls in one carrier and Oliver in another?  And how will they behaves? These are furry shy babies who not been on trips afore...

Pam's Pups at the vet


and Pam and her little doggies haz to be out on and moved by Wednesday too, yet the trailer they moving to may not be ready by then. We iz purring that the landlord will let Pam haz times to gets to the new trailer... and be goods about that. 

Mom finks there am a law that we can use and we needs to know what dat law am. After all it only five more days til the first and Pam needs helps to moves. And if her current landlord wants to be difficult, then we can callz KAKE On Your Side - and we will too.

And about the backed up toilet... well still backed up!! Still haz to rent sumpin called an Auger to clean the pipes or call Roto Rooter and we don't haz moneys fur dat. And Mom still going to QT fur bathroom... Don't know why she can't just use another litter box...

I asked Mom why don't we hire a bunch of worms and a mole to clean the sewer.  And she said that the Mr. Mole and Worms Sewer Cleaning went out of business after they hired three Chipmunks named Alvin, Simon and Theodore.
Oh well.

Silvia's Gordo and Ronnie need checkups at the vet. Ronnie is acting up and peeing on the bed and him doesn't do that and Gordo has red in him pee... So we needs purrz fur dat and go to vets fur checkups. Auntie Silvia am watching Ronnie's weight cause Doc wants to do a thyroid test if he loses more. Gordo was losing weight. Her watching him too.  

And we are still trying to catch Chico and his sister Veronica (aka Chica)...  they are just too smart fur traps, yet they will come into Silvia's motel. So please wish us purrz and purrz that we get Chico and Veronica caught and fixed cause Chico just figured out hims sister am a girl yesfurday. And dat means we mights haz kittenz soon.

Now about dats Sunday Selfie stuffoms... I would like to show you my bestest selfie from long times...  (two years ago August).  I haz on my bestest smile...

Purrz from Oreo Robin William,
Repurrting fur Sunday Selfie Day
Katiez Furry Mewz

Please stops by Brian's Home to say loves and purrs fur Sascha who just went over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday... Fond Farewell to Sister Sascha
Dear Sweet Sister Sascha… you will be so very missed… Thank you dear girl for giving Dad Terry and Mom and Brian and all the other kitties all the loves you could gives them. We shall see you on the other side.

Purrz and Prayers from Katie and all of the Katie Katz
Psalm 36:6-7 “O LORD, You save both man and animals (in Heaven). How precious is Your loving kindness…”


  1. Heavens you have way too much to do in so little time and with not enough funds. I does hope you can get the backed up toilet working very soon. Maybe you can use some manual device like the flexible rods or the springs that we use in the UK?
    Anyways I hope it all works out OK for everyone. God be with you all
    Purrs and prayers

    1. Thank you so much Erin and Human Staff... Purrz and kitty hugz,
      -Oreo Robin William

  2. I am sorry you are having so many troubles and needing vet care. I wish I could afford to donate.

    1. We luvs you and thankfur dats you am purring fur us... - Oreo.

  3. Wow look at all this great work you are doing for lots of kitties! I love your photos. Best to you for the trip!

    Debby in Arizona

    PS - I have been away from blogging for awhile since I was traveling.

  4. sy francis' blessings, best best fishes N safe travelz guys ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Oh we DO hope you get your to mischief missing kitties. Come on you two play ball and get rescued OK?

  6. We are sorry there's so much that you have to deal with, sweet friends. We are purring and praying for you all.

  7. Thanks for remembering our dear Angel Sascha, we apprciate it so very much.


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