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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thankful Mewz and Blind Kitty Update.

On Tuesday, I took Lovey to Arapahoe Animal Clinic to have her eyes checked...

Turns out dearest girl has Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Lovey has too few blood vessels feeding the retina in both eyes. Sometimes this is reversible, sometimes not. Lovey will be five months on weighs only 3 and a half pounds. Most kitties her age weigh around five pounds. Please keep Lovey in your purrz...

According to Pet Education website:
The photo receptors in cat retinas develop after birth to about 8 weeks of age. In PRA, the photoreceptors develop in the kittens, but as the cat ages, the receptors degenerate. Progressive rod-cone degeneration (PRCD) is the most common form of PRA in cats, and starts with night blindness and progresses to total blindness at 3 to 5 years of age...As the disease progresses, owners can observe a dilation of the pupils and the reflection of light from the back of the eye.

If the blindness is progressing slowly, the owner may not notice any signs until the cat is in unfamiliar surroundings and the lack of vision is more apparent. In some animals, the lens of their eyes may become opaque or cloudy.

Sometimes the condition is reversible.
Lovey is related to the two "blind" boys that a wonderful lady adopted who works with Cattails Rescue in Manhattan Kansas. Marco and Polo must have had PRA, yet recovered for the most part - They still have delayed pupil light response and some seeing difficulties.

  Still good mewz to be thankful for.
Yesterday, I drove 2 hours to Manhattan, Kansas to take Lady Grey (aka Baby Girl), Lovey and her litter mates, Faith, Hope and Oliver, to fixed at the KSU mobile vet unit (supported by PetsMart Charities), sponsored by Cattails Rescue Manhattan.  (I forgotted to take photos!!!)

Lady Grey went in one carrier, while kittens who like to hang out together went in two other carriers: Lovey and Faith in one and Oliver and Hope in the other.
Faith and Hope look alike. The only way I can tell them apart is to see which one wants to be with which other kitty! After I figured that out yesterday morning, I put pink collar on Faith and an aqua collar on Hope. 

The kids and mom were very quiet on the trip up to Manhattan - they did really good during surgery too!
Natalie of Cattails Rescue KS was there at the KSU mobile vet unit site to help put the carriers into the vet trailer.

I met their mew family when I dropped off the kitties.  Nicollette, Rick and their son Jonathan, since they had two girl cats needing spayed as well.
They are so devoted to animal care taking and usually take in the fosters that no one else will, such as blind kitties like Lovey and shy kitties too. Lady Grey and her family are very quiet and shy.
After their surgeries, their mew family picked them up!
All five Ninja kitties are going to be living in Junction City. I spoke to Nicollette and so far they are doing well, Lovey due to her blindness is taking time to adjust and Oliver who is furry shy is being a bit standoffish... yet all is well.  Oliver also has some delayed pupil light response, yet still seems to be seeing OK. Yet I do worry about him, due to his reticent behaviour around humans and new situations. Their mew family also has other kitties and pug dogs who think they are cats... Hopefully will have new photos furry soon!

Another bit of good mewz... longer story later .....
 Pam and her little doggies do not have to be out by

Friday from their home!!!  The trailer that Katiez Furry Mewz and Center of Hope helped make first payment (lease to own) on will be moved to Wichita, vs staying in a mobile park in Mulvane, due to rudeness of the Mulvane Park owner.  
The new trailer park owner where they may be moving to called Pam's current landlord and said a few words about the laws in Kansas... and now Pam has until December first to get ready to move into her new trailer! Thank you for all your purrz and prayers for Pam's situation! 

Still have work to do getting moved and hopefully the new trailer park owner will help with moving the trailer from Mulvane to Wichita.
And unfortunately...
still have sewer backup - hoping that can get tackled this weekend...  More furry thankful mewz soon

Still the works of a pet caring ministry am nevers done... we are off to takes more metal to the scrap yard and find stuffoms to sell. If you can helps with funds of any size, please paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com gift to friends. Every pawdy pitter patter bit helps, even prayers and kitty hugz.

Purrz from Katie Kat
and Chiquita
(snoozing ummm snoopervising the blog posting today)


Today is Thankful Thursday Blog Hopping at Brian's Home ... We are remembering Sister Sascha who had to go prepare fings last Friday for Brian and hims family in Heaven... Purring fur Brian, Dad Terry, Mom and alla cats,  dats Sister Sascha's loving purrz will finds their way over the Rainbow Bridge and into your hearts.... -Chiquita and the Katie Katz. 


  1. Poor little Lovey! We're glad she's bin goid paws with you.

  2. We are glad you are there to help so many sweeties and thanks for the tribute to sweet Sascha, we sure miss her. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. Keep up the great and needed works!
    Timmy, Dad Pete and Family


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