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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Lulu and Annie May Trip to Surgery and Selfies

Hi ya kitty cat frinds! 

Lulu, 2013
Dis am Annie May and Me, Lulu (aka I Love Lulu).

Annie May, 2013

We hazn't been onda bloggie in a long time cause we hide under Uncle Mike's bed alot, likes the Trout Talkin Tabbies last Wednesday who were under da bed hiding frum da scary snake dats wants ta takes over da worlds wif dat bast turd shark.

Unless the Mom gets chicken or turkey out of Uncle Mike's magic cold box where good foods come from... (fridge) den we comes running to the kitchen!
If you all gets to sees us on Facebook, then you knows that on Furry Friday, me, dats Lulu and Annie May went on a long 2 hour and half trip to Manhattan, Kansas to gets our lady oppurayshuns at the Kansas State Mobile Vet Unit and another 4 hours back cause the car tooks mom onda wrong highways twice!!!

We are furry goods getting over our surgeries and long trip.
We slept most of the time there and back.

Here am selfies dat Mom helped us with after our surgeries, just before we started on our way back to Wichita. We was sleepy still so didn't looks up.

Annie May

We are now recooper rating under the bed and getting yummies to eat. We haven't found any monsters or snakes yet, just dust bunniez.

We will comes out later to tells you how we are doing.

-Purrz from Lulu and Annie May.

Now fur a furry short other mewz update. 

Debra was able to get half the bill to start cremation fur her sweetie. We helped some with that... now to make payments on the rest which is about 80 dollars. 

Silvia's girls, Natasha and Mama Narcisca saw the vet but he didn't do bloodwork yet. He suggested that they might have fatty liver syndrome and to eat one meal a day and wait for them to feel like eating... Silvia tried this but didn't help.

They still don't have appetites and throwing up when they do eat. (FLS requires blood work to confirm the lack of not doing blood work is very confusing.)
Please keep them in your purrs.

If you would like to help with these kitties, please paypal gift to friends of any amount to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com

-Katie the Mom.


  1. Heck, that isnt a good thing at all, FLS. People get that but it doesnt stop them eating it seems.
    Glad those Lulu and Annie May had their OP's OK, and now recovering too, albeit under the bed MOL
    Sending purrs and prayers your way....

  2. I will be praying for you to feel better. Have you tried 1/4 pepcid pill ( original strength).

    1. Natasha and Mama spit out pills... Otherwise that might work. -Katie

  3. We are happy that Lulu and Annie May had their spay surgeries. We hope they are all healed up soon. Poor Natasha and Mama Narcisca. Fatty Liver Syndrome is very serious and scary. We hope they will be okay.

  4. guyz; az all francis' blessingz two ewe ..... fatty liver iz a bad bad bad thing :( paws crossed ya startz eatin again veree soon, like now; even if it IZ...burd ...ya gotta eat to get better....trooth....ya gotta eat mor N onze a day two....ya noe ♥♥♥♥

    1. pea...ess.....we forgetted ta men shun....a B12 shot will jump start an appa tite N sew will sardeenz; in water, noe salt added....pleez ta tell mom ta google sardines for cats; { we dunno if yur blog takez links } ♥♥♥

  5. I sure am glad the surgery went well. Hey, my blog is down until further notice due to a hack attack. We will be back as soon as we can.

  6. I hope you two will be OK. Eat girls EAT!!


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