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Monday, August 04, 2008

Tattle Tails and Coolin' Tummeez

Weze gonna tattle tail... Sumbuddee hads a purrthday yesturday...
I aints tellin who exactily... Ize just show hiz picshur.


Happee Birthday, Unca Belz!!
You gets da Got Chutzpah award dis week!
Keep up da good work uv suppurrtin us rescue babees!
To see Richard Belzer's video bout saving shelter pets
at NSAL America, clik on da photo!

Now Ize gotta tell you about dis ting dat Mawmee tinks is weird,
but we likes it!! We really do!

Furst, can you guess what dis here photo iz (no fair scollin down)??









Did ya guess what it waz??
Here is the big photo.


Here is the story... Our new home don't have no 'lectricity cause sum inspector has ta cum furst and tells Gran Mawmee stuffoms to do... So weze borrowin lectricity frum our Gran mawmee next door. Todays it gotted a hunurt n one degreez outsides, but dis here centuree old house stayed bout 80 degreess inside. Durin da night Mawmee brings in cooler air wif a window fan. Den in da mornin, she shuts da window and runs a box fan ta keep air curcool-laytin.

Dat helps but Mawmee went and gotted dis here bag of ice cubes to puts in front of da fan today. She been doin dat on real hot days ta keep our sleepin room cooler in da afturnoon. She reads dat in da local papur on how to keep cool.

Well Ize gotted good at openin da door to da sleepin room
and I letted all my sisfurs out and broffur Spunky.
Mousee too shy and stayed behind our sleepin couch.

Andee wayz, Bootsie and Daisy gotted to pantin while explorin da ovur rooms, so Mawmee pickdid dem up and rubbed dem wif cold water on dehr heads and tummees! And dey liked dat!! Spunkee dont like hiz tummee touched. He fussed but he liked it too. And I gotta confess - I dont likes my tummee rubbed neevur, but dat cold ice water felt sooo good!!

And dats how weze stayin cool wifout air conditionin...

-Katie Ann Kitty Too.

(P. S. Stay tuned fur more infur may shun on da secret movin partee...
like a 'trashin partee' onlee wif boxes!)


  1. What a great idea for staying cool!

    Pixie is my older sister. She is a Devon Rex kitty, too. But she is very sick with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Since her heart hurts, she does not like to get her picture taken very often.

    I saw your note about my harness. It's made by Puppia. I won it in a contest, but I think you can get them on-line. It is very comfy and secure!

  2. Oh, thank you all so much for your healing purrs for my Grandpa Bob!

    & everybody at Artsy Catsy

  3. Oooooh,we love trashin partees! Can we come?

    Keep cool. Good thing you can borrow some electricity.

  4. Dat's how mom and dad useta keep cool afore we hadded central air. Sometimes dey would sleep in da basement wif da gerls and alla da pets cuz it was cooler down der.

  5. Dat's a grate idea bout how to stay cool!
    Happy a'lated purrthday too.
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  6. Ouch - 100 degrees and no air condition. It's almost 10:00 pm here in SC and it's still 90 degrees outside. Glad your mom found a way to keep you cool!

  7. Katie Too, would you mind if we asked for a pitcher of water?

    Okay, Katie #1,to answer your question, we're afraid this goes on nationwide. For example, it doesn't happen here. We aren't anywhere near a rendering plant. But in big cities such as, if we remember correctly, Los Angeles, or places where they have rendering plants, it has been happening for many years.

  8. Of course weze gots lots of water!! and ice and stuffoms! duz you wants a drink or would you like a dunkin?

    Mawmee likes to dunk cool water on her head! She's funny.

    We dont like dis rendering stuff. I hopes its not in our foodees frum Walmart.

    -Katie Too.

  9. Love Richard Belzer, huge Law and Order fan! Jerry Orbach was also a huge supporter of animals, in NY we used to see his Adoption ads everywhere.

    Happy birthday!

  10. Whata brilliant idea to stay cool. It's humid as all hell here in the UK, so I'm gonna suggest the ice idea to my Mum! Stay cool!

  11. Oh, that's a bad time for you to be without electricity. Glad to hear that you've come up with a way to keep cool in spite of everything.

  12. great idea for staying cool!!

    to do the Q, make sure you are logged out of your own blogger password stuff.

    go to:

    doingtheq AT gmail DOT com (all squished together) as the user name, and use FullMonty as your secret word


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