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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ahhhh..... Finally

Finally da move iz ovur
(kinda sorta...been here 2 whole weeks -Daisy's Mawmee)
An' we gotz internet up! But I tink Mawmee needs to do lots uv unpacking!! Our new home looks likes a giant storage unit! Dehrs no place ta walks wif all dem boxes....
Well 'cept in our sleepin room. Katie an me keeps sneakin out of dehr... but Mawmee jus carries us round and says dehrs too much stuffins fur us to get into and puts us back in our sleepin room!!
Mawmee, we luvs our old couch in da sleepin room, but we wants ta explore wifs you! Dats da fun part!! We wants to help you unpack!!
We coulds have an unpacking party! Any buddees wants to come??

- Daisy May Daffodil



  1. You should be allowed to help. Boxes are the best part.

  2. Enregistrer un commentaire? Je veux bien!

    That's a terrific full Monty Q, Miss Daisy May. It would be nice if your Mawmee let you help her unpack, but you know humans...

  3. Yoor mommy should be furry happy to haf help unpacking! After she emptys a box yoo can inspect it to make sure everything is really out...empty boxes are fun.

  4. An unpacking party would be fun for the cats to explore!

  5. We'll help you unpack! We love boxes!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  6. Hooray! You're all moved and safe. We're glad to hear from you, even though you still have lots of work to do helping your mom unpack and put things away.

  7. PS - Sure, we'll help you unpack. We LOVE to unpack and put things away. hehehe.

  8. Unpacking party? Sounds fun!! I would love to get inside the boxes!!!!!
    Purrs mickey

  9. Hi there - just stopping by to say that!

  10. Hey the unpacking part is the best part! I'm glad you the move is over for you all and you are safe and sound in your new home.


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