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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bootsie Tummy n Daddee Update

Dear Frinds
Weze gotted sum furry goods news n sum still needz purrs n stuffoms.

Furst uvs all.... Mawmee iz helpin hur frind wifs stuffoms on hur pursonal compootur, likes slappin mean viruses. Dis frind she knohz a longs times, likes 20 umpteem yerhz or sumpin. She evens waz da matron of honor ats Mawmee and Dadees weddin. Mawmee, kins I haves a weddin? Ooh Ize too littel fur dat. Otay. Andy Ways... Sundae dis frind gaves Mawmee sums money helps cuz Daddees pension not gotted here yet! So Mawmee went huntin yesturday n cames back wif foodeez and littur stuffs!! Yay!

Now Seconds uv all, about our Daddee purrson...I havnts mets him yet... hez sum bettur frum whn he gotted hurted. But cuds you purrs fur him? Hez soh lonelee wifout Mawmee. And our eyes gets leaky tinkin bout how heze stucks in dis Mulhouse Franse and needin dis surjuree fur bladdur stuffumz... purrstate...prostayt or sumpin. Mawmee, whatz dat?

Den thurds uv all, Mawmee still lookin fur werk soh she kin takes care uv us n our disabled gran mawmee, n get 2 c our Daddee... She not seened him since dis time 2006... a fore I waz evens borned!

And Mawmee gotz ta get dis here jobbee so she kins gets our Furry Funnee Movee doned!! Ize gonna be in dis here movie bouts how Daisy gotted da turkey frum da Daisy Deli. I gits ta play Miss Super Stunt Kitty! Well I jus rollz round and looks cutes, denz runz off, butz datz actin! Whens we gits dis here movee doned, weze gonna submit dat to da Tall Grass Film Festival .
And weze don wanna miss dat dis year cuz of dis here movin n stuff!! Itz comin ups in Octovur. (Missin da Tall Grass, "All Da Kings Men" Robert Redfurd Movee nite dis monf was bads enuf! Mistur Redfurd talked bout our wittel Film Festival front uv guvmint peeples!)

Mawmee cants go audishun fur actin partz til she gets a payin jobee!!

Tank u fur listenin n purrin n stuffomz.

Lil Miss Bootsie Woo,
Jr Comik Apprentix


  1. I'm glad to read that your Daddee is a little better. I hope things move along there and you can it all sorted out. Good luck with the job hunting. The movie sounds great fun!

  2. good luck wif your mommy's job hunt. we is purring for you and your mommy and daddy

  3. Of course I will purr for your dad! And also that your mom will get a wonderful job.

  4. Oh, Bootsie, We are sad for your mom and dad being so far apart. We're glad he's doing better but we wish he could be closer and everything could be worked out for all of you.

    purrs and tail wags

  5. We will be purring for your mom to get a good job. Meowmy has been looking for one since last October so she knows how hard it can be.
    -Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar


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