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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anniversary Fur Mawmee and Daddee

Dis here entree iz dedikatied to my mawmee and my daddee... deys bin marryed 11 years today!

Happy Anniefursaree!

Please purr dats Daisy n I gets ta meets our Daddee reel soon!
Daddee n Mawmee beens apart fur two years now. Deys reel lonely.

Bootsie Woo.

Daisy May

Spunky Boo Bear,


& Katie Too.


  1. Happy Anniversary to your Mawmee and Daddee. I hope things get sorted out for them both soon and you can get to meet your Daddee at last!

  2. Happy anniversary to you,
    Happy anniversary to you,
    Happy anniversary dear Mawmee and Daddeeeeeeeee,
    Happy anniversary to youuuuuu!

    And Freya says thanks for popping by and leaving so many lovely messages!


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