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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sshhhh... It's Moving Party Time

SSSssshhh.... Mawmees is finally gone to look 4 werk. She gots interview and stuffoms.


Now we know our Mawmee Kat doh... whn she cums back, she iz probablee gonna join us! So you can stops by whenever you want....

And it's cooler today! 70 some degreez rites now. Yay!! It's gonna rain dis evening...
We gots plenty of ice water... even fur NOMS...

And we gots Kitty foodies... and Nomsie foodies

dis here is potluck so bring your favrit foodies and toys...just make a request and we fix it up fur you!!
(shh... we gots Catnip!!)

Here's sums ideas uv what's we can do while weze play wiff emptee boxes and shreddin packin newspapurs:

And of Course..... Gettin into Cupboards and Boxies!!

So stops by leaves a notie about foodies and toys you is bringin to the movin partee and whatcha doin and let's have some fun!! Stops by whenever cuz we'll be partying even more tonite cause it's gonna be cooler and rainin!

(And weze also be havin a purrin plase fur anwyones to take time out to Purr fur Felix to gets bettur... weze all worreed bout him.)

-Katie Too and the Katz Gang


  1. We are here! I, Mrs. OZ, brought some Dom Niptignon and Lizquila for the adults, Tintin brought a lizard salad and shrimp shakes for the little ones.
    While we are waiting for more to arrive we will take a little nip - upsss - sorry - I meant NAP!!!!
    Mrs. OZ and Tintin

  2. Bendrix and I are here. We brought tuna in the packages (we like it better than canned). Whoo hoo!

    We're going to pack a couple hairballs in these boxes over here for your beans so find when they open them. whoo hoo!

  3. Waaa hhoooo! Par-tay!

    We brought some extra nip along with some left over chick-hen (sorry Mommy!) and some butter (Jake just can't go anywhere without butter)!

    So who's up for Thundering Heard of Elephants?

  4. We'z here! We brawt some of dem shrimps in da bags and some tuna flakes...enuff to share! Hey, wanna line up da empty boxes and play jump from one box to da next? It's cooler here den by our house, it was about 80 degrees!

  5. OH jumpin' boxes!!!


    Looks like we gots lots of foodies!

    Hey let's see if more furry buddees cums dis evening...

    -Katie Too

    (oooh... I hear Mawmees car. Time to hide n surprize hur)

  6. We're worried about Felix too. We hope he gets better soon!

    We're here. We brought a big platter of tuna and crab cakes and some sliced ham.

    Just tell us what you need done. We're glad to be here since you have lots of ice water. Our ac went out last night and even though we finally have a new unit tonight, the house still has to cool down. So just plop some of that ice water in the tub, if you don't mind, and we'll try to cool down before the work starts.

    Thanks for the invite.

  7. oh my!! what a wonderful suprize, Katie Too!

    Lots of foodies and unpackin done!

    And I am definitely hungree! Job hunting is hard work!

    Thanks Jan for filling the bathtub with ice! What a great idea!

    I think I'll try this Niptignon and Lizquila... not bad! Especially with Tuna cakes.

    Thank you Mr. Hendrix for the hairball presents. Very appreciative.

    Hey!! Daisy! Who you chasin!?! Zoom! And all those loud pattie paws!! Oh is that how you play thunderin herd of elephants!!

    I think I'll just sit on the counter and watch for while.
    - Katie One

  8. We loves boxes, so we came to party with you! We likes trashing stuff. We broughts Friskies hairball treats, the ones dat smell like bacon (Mom won't miss them, we were very sneaky!).

    Oh! Did you knows that the link on the cat blogosphere page is missing the dot thing after the www? I finks everyone knows how to get here, though!


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