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Katiez Katz stay with different family members.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Furry Friday after Christmas!

Weze made sum E-cards fur evfurry buddies:

Dis iz da speshul tank u to evfurry ones who helped us Katie Katz n our bean famblee haves a Meowy Christmas n Happy Hanukkah!

n dis is da Furry Friday One...

Katie Kat
Daddy Purrson
Katie Kitty Too
Bootsie Woo
Daisy May Daffodil
Mousie Gurl...
n da boyz ovfur da bridge
(Sandy, Baby n Spunky)

Gran Mawmee n Bibi
(We gets u sum fotoz of Bibi soon)
n hur Kitty Gurl ovfur da bridge...

Next...a furry Hanukkah Update.
Isaiah 43:1

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Dis is Urgente Stuffoms...
weze lost internets n Mawmee has ta takes our notes n burrows compooturs n she has ta do lots of huntin on compooturs fur werkin stuff...

Weze all cold in our hows n Mawmee went huntin to burrow compooter to tell u...

We iz stoppin by to say hi... well Mawmee iz... Weze all cold in our hows n Mawmee went huntin to gets help frum our bruver frind. Hims name is Mike Ulin. He's a funny actor on da V list. dats fur volunteer. Him builds metal TV cradles fur a livin... um what's dat? oh mawmee say dats ta ting dat holds teevees on walls n stuffoms in hospitals n monitors fur securtee stuffoms. But hims is needin helps, too!! Hims is tired n stuffoms n mite lose him jobbee, too!

Weze cold like 35 F - cuz we gots jus dis leetel heater in da bedroom… dis old house ain’t got lectric stuff fixed!! n our daddees stuck at da pound fur peeples n cant works no morh. weze don know if hims evfurr comin home!!! n hims cant work no morh cuz him is an old kittee purson now. Dems iz furry bad peeples takin our daddee. Mawmee weze hungree!?! Did da huntin werk yet? We didnt doo nuffin!! whys we gettin punished fur too???? how cum nobuddee tinks bout dat when dey takes daddees to peeple pounds????

Sumbuddee weze needs kittee foods!! An Baby and Spunky cants cum home in ther Rainbow Bridge Urns cuz dehrs no monee ta pay fur dat. Thems urns iz stil at da Pet Traditions plase. We gots ta give dem 347.00 green papurs!!

Weze wants ta let you knoh... n ta make sure dat all helps will go to feed us kitties n get our bruthers urns to come home...

We gots vet bills, too dats not paid. but furst we needs help in eatin cuz Mousee has ta have speshul corn free dry food.

Dis is sum ways dats u kin helps us dis Christmas n Hannukah times...

1) You could sends us a Wal-Mart gift card so we kins gets Feline Pine kitty litter n canned foods (fur Mawmee Too) n a new room heater!! Weze furry Cold!!! We use pine cuz Mawmee gotted asthma...

2) You could sends us a Pets Mart gift card so we can gets corn-free food. We buys da Authority Brand fur sensitive kitties. Ifn's u dont knoh where a Pets Mart is - here is dehr webbie bout dat
Sensitive Kitty Food - You could ships it to us or sumpin.

3) You could sends funds pay to the order of Pet Traditions so we can gets Spunky n Baby's Rainbow Urns home. We needs bout 347.00 green papurs fur dat... but any bit would help show we wants ta pay dat bill.

4) and ifns you wants ta helps us wif our Vet bill... den funds should be pay to the order of "Indian Hills Animal Clinic." Dey kept Spunky n Baby n Sandy Red Tigger livin fur a longs time wif Dental helps and emurgencee helps... sohz we owes about 1900.00 green papurs on dat one. Weze promised ta give 25.00 somepin monees evry month n we cant pay dem no morez! And what iffns we gets sick? Daisy n me needs our toofies kleened but we cant go yet....likes we said any bit would helps ta pay dat bill....

But foodees and a ceramic room heater we needs now!!

Here is our address fur sending stuffoms. Pweze use da U.S. Post Office cuz its a Postal Box.
Help fur Katie's Katz
Kat Renee Kittel
P. O. Box 771268
Wichita, KS 67277-1268 USA

Tank u fur listening n stuff and helpin out poor Kitties at Chrismas n Hannukah times.

-Katee Too and all uv Katiez Katz