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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Katie Tattlez on Daisy

Dis hear iz Katie Too Wif a big Tattle Tail on Daisy.
Furst, fanks fur stoppin by and not getting hissy mad at our mommy...
I gotsta tattle on Daisy... since hur all happy bout gettin out and taking advantage uf our mommiez good nature. No udder catz goez out!!! Cuz dis danjurous neyborhood wif scary trains and hiway in our back yard!! Dat Daisy iz daffy fur shure.
Mama wuvz animulez. We was so glad dat we found hur and she looks aftur us. Hur iz savin money ta gets Bootsie n Daisy spayed at our regular vet, cuz da low cost place dont have pain meds fur kitties.
Lady operations can be furry painful. Mine sure was! I was in pain fur two days and our vet kept me in hopsital wif yucky meds and pain stuffoms. I was just miserable!
And ifns you read bout what happined when Maxie gotted nootered at da loh cost place... him was in pain fur two dayz!! ( Noh pain meds! We waz furry mads bout dat! Soh Mom waz savin hur green fings. She coodnt let Daisy n Bootsie be hurted.
But dat sneaky Daisy gotted out whiles Mom waz sleepin...Our back door comed open even tho it was locked. And dat Daisy opened da screen door! (Da back door is fixed now and hur am grounded to da bedroom fur ever!)

Now mom wont spay hur til deze babiez iz borned cuz she cant stand doin dat... she seen too many kittens hurted. Our brothers went over da bridge frum havin too many burthdayz... and she was holding our Boo Bear when him passed on...See, after u haz helded a nooborn kitten in ur handz and bottle fed it cuz da mommy iz dying frum pneumonia (dat was Boo Bearz mommy) and himz siblings wer sick n goh over da Rainbow Bridge... yah just gotta fink uf da babeez...(our mommie iz notz a killer and our biggest rescue plase is not a noh kill sheltur)
We ain't asking fur sympathy or nuffin, just dat we iz gonna gives deze kittens a chance and helps dem since dey iz livin beings n stuffoms... Datz all...and ifns you can, pleze givs dem a chance too. It not derh fault. We show u dehr fotohs n stuff.

Believe me, weze dont need morh babies ta feeds, but dehr dey iz!

We iz gonna make da best of it and gets dem forever homes and den get dat Daisy hur opurrayshun!!

Fanks fur lissenin,
Katie Too


  1. There is nothing sneakier than a cat in heat. I hope that the babies are all born healthy and that you can find homes for them when the time comes.

  2. HI,

    All the girls at the castle understand. Mombean keeps a close eye on us when in heat. I am spayed but Olivia is in heat right now. Will hope that Daisy is not preggers.

    Alexi and the castle girls.

  3. Accidents happen! I don't blame you for not wanting to put the cats through the pain of going through spaying with no medicine. That sounds terrible for them. I hope that Daisy's babies are healthy and that you are able to find good homes for them. Maybe you can ask the adopters to make a small donation to go toward Daisy's operation fund! We will keep you in our purrs and prayers!

    Tuck & Jen

  4. I agree with Tuck. I simply can't understand how any vet, low-cost or not, can operate without pain meds. That's just wrong! :) xxx

  5. I understand completely. It's hard to look out for a kitty in estrous and it's not fault that she got pregnant. You are taking the best possible care of her. All the best :)

  6. Too terrible to even think about.
    I hope you will enjoy CCSI V:The Old Famous Caper.

  7. We hopes da babies are well and dat Daisy will be a gud mom kitteh. After she is fixed and stuffs, perhaps her want to go outs will be less?

  8. Thank you so much for the donation! We know it will help Coco! Also, it's great to meet you!
    Sly and Kon

  9. PS...we saw that you live in the MidWest and our Mom wanted to let you know about the MidWest Cat Blogger Bean Meetup happening next week. She will email you with more information!


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