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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update On Maxie #2

(1:46pm CST) - A quick update note from the Mom{ Maxi is doing much better today. I talked to the clinic that did the surgery. They said to keep an eye on the swelling and seepage. If the drainage turns bloody to call them back.

The swelling has gone down quite a bit and he's just a little tender. I talked to Indian Hills, our regular vet about pain meds. They want an exam (another 48.00) on top of the take home oral liquid. I still don't like the way one of the sacs is healing. I may take him to Indian Hills in the morning. - Katie Kat}

Hi furry peeplez (babiez n beanz)!! Maxie hadz his surgeree Thursdee bout noon at da loh cost plase. Da clinik say dis wents off wif flyin colurz...
Mom brot him home bout 5 pm CT. Mom iz worreed cuz himz furry sax not closing likes she finks dey shood.
One uv demz bit too swollen. Dis been morh den 15 yehrz dats our brufferz needin a hoohaectomee doh.
Maxie gotted a 24 hour anesthetik, but dis fiesty boy already runnin round momz bedroom not settlin down. Himz bun bun iz sore, Mom tried ta help dem Sax cloz bettur. Him cried n gotted upset -- just a wittel cuz hims luvs mom. We thot dey givz pain pillz fur home, but whn she cums ta gets him - dis pill onlee fur dogz!?! Nuffin fur kittehz?!?
Mom finks dat dehr is stuffoms fur kitteez like shotz or liquid stuff, like I gotz wif my ladee opurayshun. Mom iz phonin Indian Hillz (our regular vet) when da sun cumz ups and ask fur a followup visit ta chek Maxie and get sum kinds of meds for dis soreness. Weze finds out and lets u knoh.
We also got dis frind award ta givs away!! We doo dat soon as Maxie iz bettur. Fanks fur Purrin n Prayin fur Maxie! We be purring fur all uv you babiez n beans Too!

Katie Ann Kitty Too
n Offishul Furry Mewz repurrter


  1. Keep us posted on Maxie, poor lil guy, him's hurtin.
    I wish we wuz closer, I's gotted pain meds here, Tazz's vet let hers use it, it's fur dogs or cats, but you haf to use tha right dose.
    Purrs fur Max,

  2. When Speedy had his done he got likwid stuff dat mom put in his mouf wif a syring and it musta done da job cuz he din't get hurty until da next morning and den he would get some more...and his fuzzy sacks did not swell up either! Mom knows cuz Dr G told her to watch fur dat and fur something called drane-adj.

  3. I hope that you can get Maxie something for his pain. A swollen fuzzy sack doesn't sound fun at all. I am praying that he doesn't get an infection.

  4. Purrrrring for you, Max! That doesn't sound like fun at all. A lot of vets don't give pain meds to the boy kitties, odd as that seems. Hopefully your regular vet can give you something though, and look at what's going on. Your human's good to have it looked at.

  5. The biped has had lots of kitties both he's and she's and never has given either one any pain meds after their operations. They're usually really groggy from the surgery and she keeps them in a quiet room so they don't get over stimulated. No mouse chasing for a day or two and they're good as new.

  6. We're sorry that little Max is not feeling too good. We're gonna purr and purray for him to get better real soon.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  7. Big purrs for Max! Please let us know what you find out at the vet!

  8. Our vet only gave Pete one shot after the surgery, and he was fine. The vet said as long as he was running around and playing, he was ok. He never seemed in any discomfort - but he didn't have any swelling, either.
    Hope Maxie's hoo-ha's get all better soon!
    Uncle Mo

  9. Ohhh sorry Maxie...he is so much pain...we wll pray and many many puuuurrrrs for you!! by the way I left an award for you on my blog!! come and get it! xoxoxoxoxo Sachie+goma


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