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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Movie Monday A Lonesome Kitty Song

Lonesome Lennie da Kitty lookin fur faithful lufs.

Oh Hai, this video is "Love Me Like You Used To" from Some of their stuff is out in cheeky land humour, but the animation on this one is truly amazing. The scenery is like New York and the raincoat kitty is like Detective Lennie Briscoe from Law & Order. A lonely, divorced half Jewish detective who hid his sensitive, caring nature with wise cracks and a bottle of alcohol, Briscoe became one of the longest running characters in producer Dick Wolf's universe until the actor, Jerry Orbach passed on in December 2005 from prostate cancer. Early 2006, Orbach received the Screen Actor's Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Jerry's loving and faithful wife of umpteen years accepted for him. In my humble opinion, the name of this wise-cracking, cheeky, jazz singing kitty longing for a faithful woman must be Lennie.

"Love Me Like You Use To," from their new CD
Danger is Dangerous (7 Seconds of Love).
"Baby, I don't want no flowers for my birthday, oh no
And baby, I don't wanna book a trip and go away, oh no
I just want you to love me like you used to, oh yeah"

The kitty sings really fast, hard to pick up all the PG-ish lyrics, but sound just like the jazz blues Lennie Briscoe would sing over a woman he really cared for who turned out to be unfaithful. Yet when I saw Lennie the kitty with tears in his eyes, I could only think of how much my husband is horribly missing me.

He is at Norton Correctional Facility - sentenced for taking an Alford Plea (innocent, but can't prove it)...doesn't matter why (see the story of Joseph in Genesis). His health is poor, one kidney lost from cancer ten years ago and a slow growing cyst on the other one. At least Norton is low security and the outdoor campus is rather large. In good weather, he can walk outside and feel the wind on his face and hear the birds chirping. A lot of Christian bands play outdoor concerts for the inmates and there are a lot of bible studies to keep him in faith...hopefully I can travel up there to see him soon.

My husband was supporting my parents and me. Please purr fur us. My mother and I are barely hanging on financially. (Her mortgage company just sent her payment back, because it wasn't the entire amount) Right before this all happened, I was getting ready to go back to school for more training so he could retire and me go to work... Now I need to be the provider, yet don't have the training in computer programming or CATIA (drafting software). I am teaching myself with what I can find using the library and the internet right now.

October 3, went to a really cool Bible parade in Humboldt, KS, which is always on the first Saturday in October. Got some photos and spoke to a 12 year old young man named Jacob who had just rescued a five month old kitten. - sweet tabby and white male named Lucky who just loved his new daddy! Sitting curled up in his lap with his eyes half closed, smiling and quietly purring. Hope to show a photo of Jacob, Lucky and Jacob's brother David as soon as the film is developed!

Luv n Purrz,
Katie Kat.

P. S. - pleze chek commints fur update frum Mummy... Katie Too


  1. I suggest you contact your mother's mortgage company in person. Then go to your local social services and see what they might be able to do for you. From there go over to a food bank, the Salvation Army and Community Action. There is always something that we can do for money.

    Maybe your local Walmart or McDonalds is hiring. They always up their amount of employees before Christmas. It would get you through the rought spots, at least. I know the work isn't the best but I'd scrub out toilets with a toothbrush before I'd lose my home and end out on the street.

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by.
    Thanks for the suggestions, I was a wee bit tired last night and didn't elaborate here is a some more stuffoms.

    1) We are contacting the mortgage company Wells Fargo today.

    2) I have a disabling condition called chondr malacia patellae, which in just plain English
    means abnormal softening of the cartilage in my knees. I would love to fall back on low paying jobs, but here in America the rule is standing all day long, where as in England at least cashiers sit in a chair. After an hour of standing, I would not be able to walk or stand for several days. However, I am applying at Call Centers and other work where I would be sitting down.

    3) I am already getting food stamps and going to the local food bank. I am applying to get help... social funds are low here, just have to keep knocking.

    4) My mother has an old house that we are working to get ready to sell. It was damaged in horrendous a water leak (raining water from the ceiling) and is in need of so much repair that the city is siting us for code violations - we are on a deadline to find a buyer before they slap a paper on the door and won't allow anyone in. There are old appliances still there that a friend of mine is going to help me pick up and sell.

    My mother is also disabled and my father died in 2006. The challenge here is man power and time...

    I do have some good news, my husband's nephew has recently contacted us to let us know that my husband's older brother died. He's in England and low on funds, but wants to help. He also believes in his Uncle's innocence so that is a great plus.

    Katie Kat.

  3. That video is really wild...

    I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're going through right. It won't last always.

    Keep your head up.

  4. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Really appreciated your comments. Loved this video, it was cute. I'm so sorry of all the troubles you are facing. Purrs and prayers going up for you that HE will help you through all this. God Bless.

    Casper and crew


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