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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Happy Meezer Rescue Update!

New update on the meezers! Cory at nicothemeezer blog sent Amy and da Katie Katz a CC email update cause we were so quick to help spread the news about these kitties.

They're going to be pulled from that awful shelter! 3 are going into foster care & 1 is coming home to with Cory!

Three boys still need forever homes, but at least they are not going to be put down without a chance to find them!!!

Cory needs suggestion on what to rename "Bubba," the one she is getting.
Please go here with cool suggestions.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Emergency Post - Help Save Siamese Kitties

WAS Just emailed by Robin Craft that she is a volunteer with Siamese Rescue, and she has added that to the post in her comments...she asks that Siri the director not be smothered in emails!!

Her Update also tells that the two Siamese Females now have homes!

Four Boys Still need to be out by June 10 or they will be euthanised.

Yet you can let Siamese Rescue know that we are furry grateful for all they do... and please do what they can for all the Siamese babies... please support them if you can.

Amy and The House of Cats has left a new comment on your post "Emergency Post - Help Save Siamese Kitties":

Hi Katie - here is the email I got back (from Siamese Rescue)

we have been contacted about them - unfortunately we only have one foster home in KY who is full at this time so we just don't have space, but we are spreading the word.....Siri

Seems dats if efurryone can tell efurrybuddy dey know den sumbuddy will be ables to takes deze babies.

So if anyone knows anyone in or near Kentucky, even if the company you work for has a location in Kentucky - please pass this along!!!

Here is a post that i started at Bonanzle:

Thanks, Katie Kat.

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

From Robin Craft's Blog:

Siamese Kitties in Need in Georgetown, KY.

These kitties will be put down if we don't help!
Part of Robin's Blog entry.
From her friend Judy: “Yesterday my friend, Dana, who works at a high kill shelter in Georgetown, KY sent me these pictures of six Siamese cats who are all in need of homes. It seems that the cats belonged to a husband and wife. Recently, the husband passed away and the wife is unable to live alone. Her son and daughter-in-law have moved in with her. However, the daughter-in-law is allergic to cats. So (as happens all the time), the cats had to go. They have been surrendered to the high kill shelter in my area. Sadly, if they do not find a home, they will be put to sleep.”

Robin: “As I learn more about the cats, I will pass that information along to anyone who is interested. I do know that several (if not all) are spayed and neutered. Their ages are between one to six. I will find out about their vaccine history.”

Please, won't you consider saving our lives?

If you are interested in any of these cats or have questions, please contact Judi at
Robin has worked with Judi before and she will do all she can to save a cat in need. As she mentioned, Judi and the shelter would also help to transport the cats to get them to safety.

To support the effort of Siamese Rescue, here is their contact information:
Siri Zwemke.
Address: Siamese Cat Rescue Center, 366 Meander Run Rd, Locust Dale, VA 22948
(540) 672-6373 Voice Mail: (540) 672-6373 Fax: (877) 843-6339
Email Address
Local Siamese Rescue Contact Information:
Texas: Tonja Pfister
Texas Rescue Center, P.O. Box 3088, Coppell, TX 75019-7088
(940) 498-0300, Voice Mail (866) Meow Now (866-636-9669) fax (940) 498-1771
CAT Emergency (877) Say Meow (in Texas 940-367-7367)
Colorado: Deb Shrieves, Geoff Shrieves
Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue, P.O. Box 336563, Greeley, CO 80633
(970) 351-6582, voice mail (970) 351-6582, fax (970) 692-8358
Pacific: Denise Fabel
Pacific Siamese Rescue, P.O. Box 20086, Castro Valley, CA 94546
(510) 538-2280 Fax (510) 538-2280
Southern California: Karen Dauphin
Southern California Siamese Rescue, PO Box 1379, Agoura Hills, CA 91376
(818) 830-3380, fax (818) 332-9928
Purrs Abound Siamese Rescue of Michigan
P.O. Box 80822
Rochester , MI 48308
Manitoba, Canada
RESCUE Siamese & Stray Cats
960 St Mary's Road
Winnipeg Mb
R2M 3R8


I kin haz Artist Mom!!

Hiya peeplez of da furry-netz...
(dis not paw bump image... see below)

Mom am pologizin dats hur not tole u all sooner... but hur am shy...Mai Mom am drawin Kittiez!!
Mom am drawin Art Cards. Dey iz called ACEO'z. Mom say dat meenz Artist Certified Edition Originalz and dat meenz dey is Art Cards and just 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches...

Deze furst too got snatched up frum ebay!
Dis one am Tabby Kitten on Yellow. It sold fur 1.79
Dis one called "Ocicat Sniff." It sold fur 5.57!!!
Three peeplez bid on Ocicat Sniff! Peeples gave mom greenies fur deze too babiez!!! wow... why dey did dat??

Bootsie duz da Paw Bump - cuz her nots beleeve dat! ( Paw Bump Images to da Rescue! See Brew’s Blog Challenge: Paw Bumps and Icky Google Images)

Well aftur deze too found noo homez, hur wints and made more art stuffoms...Playful Purple Kitty and Surprise Attack!

U kins cliks on da fotoz of playful in purrple and surprize attacks and finds out morh bout dem! Biddin at ebay am startin at 2.00 wif free shippin. Deze too not gots noo homez yet... dey iz still lookn fur dat. U kin helps find deze noo homes by biddin on dem at ebay. jus takes dat mousie fing and clik on dem. Dey gots two dayz left fur biddin and den Mom buyz foods for me n Bootsie n Crazy Daisy n Maxie Tigger frum sellin doze.

Surprise Attack am bigger.. bout like size of index card and haz anuther picture on da back.
Mom tole me she gonna make more silly cards bout spiders on tables eatin brekfast cereal or sumpin while a kitty am lookin at dem.

But hurs dun did sum morh! Wow... I kin has Artist Mommy!
luks at deze too noo ACEOs jus today!

Calico am Paddy Pawin...

and Sleepy Siameze Kitten.

Him looks like mai brudder snow baby who goned over da bridge.

Paddy Pawin am done wif watercolur, pencil, crayon and colored pencils.
Sleepy Siameze Kitten am done wif just pencils and colored pencils.

Well deze too am ups fur sale in dis here bloggie fur da furst time afore weze puts dem on ebay...
cuz Mom n me finks one uv our bloggin frindz mite likes dem....

Mommie will sine dem onda baks wif a gold rose and ur name n stuffoms... and dey cumz in little baggiez fur safe keepin.

so just let us know ifn u likes dem and how much u wants to pay fur dem...

Purrz n Paw Bumps,
Katie Ann Kitty Too

Post Skript - Mommy am askin da CB Auction folks bout donatin a purrtrait sketch -

Mom can do a sketch in colored pencils of a kitty baby to have their purrtrait done - we hope to donate dat ta helps wif Sweet Pralinez Bill frum hur surgery... Plz lets da CB Auction know you would like to have dats fur sumpins to bidz on!!