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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mom We Want Some More!!

MOMMMMMM!!!!    WHerz our Nommiez??
WE Luvs dem!!!
Mom found deze yummiez bout two years ago at our local Dillon's (owned by Kroger - the CEO of Kroger is David Dillon!)  

Dis month da Pet Naturalz peeple emailed our Mom to let hur know bout free samples we kin gets!!  YAY!  And dey not even knoh we bin eating deze vitamins and calming stuffs since we waz kittenz!!!  How day find us??? we dont knoh.

Mom found out all by hurself dat we all loves deze  and da calming ones amz reel goods for da scaredy babiez...
Here am too of our furry shy scaredy babiez... Deyz my brutherz - Jordi am da white kitty wif da blue eye.  Boo Boo (aka Justin) am da purrtee black kitty.
Here am me, Sir Sammy Purrzalot (tabby) and three of my brutherz, Jazpurr the Gentle (white kitty wif gold eyes) Justin da Boo Bear, wif Toby da Floofy on da far right. 

Jordi da Brave and Miri Gentlepurr and Tommy da Daddy am not in dis photo.  Dey am in nuther places in or near da kitchen. 

We am all hanging out in da kitchen waiting fur our Treetz like real Salmon Fishy and our Pet Naturalz! Mom likes to give us all our vitamins... Save we always want more!!! But we havesta wait til anuther day.

Purrz n Stuffoms,
Sir Sammy Purrzalot.
To learn morh bouts Pet Naturals, dere website am  you can also find dem at  If you would like a free trail, please go to,

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Dog Rescues Kittens

A bag of kittens were dumped out on an Iowa country road and left to die, but two kittens were rescued by an unlikely hero. The Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary says animal cruelty is far too common. About three months ago, they received a frantic call from a Madison County woman who pulled two kittens from a bag that her dog found in the middle of the road. Meet Skipper and Tipper, or as sanctuary volunteers call them, the "bag kittens." That's because they should have died in a Meow Mix sack.

“It was gruesome, quite gruesome because the kittens; there was a litter of 4 or 5 of them and you couldn't tell if there were 2 or 3 in the bag because they had been run over by a vehicle. It was not a pretty sight,” says Linda Blakely of the Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary. Tipper and Skipper were sealed into the bag, dumped on a road and crushed by oncoming traffic. It's a miracle they survived the experience. However, that's not the end of the story. Meet Reagan. He found the bag and dragged it all the way home to his owner. Reagan whined until she opened it.

“The instinct of the dog was to nurture and not kill the kittens. With all the blood some dogs would have responded to the scent. Reagan the dog is a hero,” says Blakely. Reagan's owner could hear Skipper and Tipper's faint cries from inside the bag. However, she was totally unprepared for what she found when she opened it. There were more who didn't make it.

Three months later, Skipper and Tipper look like normal, healthy kittens. All thanks to a caring loving pooch and the kindness of a few animal lovers.

Says Linda Blakely, “Our slogan here is that we’re living proof there is a way. These guys are testament to it.”

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Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy Efurrtingz!!!!

Mom has bin lazing around and moping fur morh din 2 weeks.... like she gets to haves a vacashun or sumpinz  sted of updating our blog!  And aftur we toles all abouts da upcoming posts dat nevfur appeared!!

Oh well.... guess dat's otay cuz herz bin all sick and yuckiez agin like last Christmouse and New Year!  Gee Mom... Cant you be goods fur onse and not catch coldz n Flu bugz?

Ur supposed ta catch mice!  Or better yet catch toys like dis here baby tiger!!

Oh wellz.... We hopes you ams having da bestest Hanukkah, Christmouse and New Yearz ever!!!!

Plz purr fur our Mom to gets all well! 

um New Years....

Tommy (aka Mickey Mouse Earz) and da Foster Kittiez:  Sammy, Miry, Toby, Jaspurr, Jordi, Boo Boo.
Katie Too and Da Katz Gang: Bootsie Woo n Maxwell Tigger

Purrz P.S.  Miri's mammary glands are slightly swollen. The vet said on rare occasions, some girlz do this after their lady surgery depending on the time of their cycle when the surgery occurred.  Plz purr dat hur glandz go down and no infection sets in. 
(And da Mom's surgery consult for hur mammary biopsy is January 9th.)   =^..^=