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Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Movies Kittens at the Vet Part One

Weze all furry sorry dats dis moovie Monday am lates. The Mom had trubble deciding which moovie to post! And den her felled asleep. So me post sum moovies uv mai nieces n nephew ats da Vet.

Dis short video of Lil Joe, Annie n Laura playin wile waitin fur Lulu to return from her eye exam. When da vet returned wif Lulu, him said her had small ulcer on her eye.

Now Lulu am back frum her eye exam. Laura and Lulu playing. And Brother Joey! Now Dayz waiting fur da vet to return wif Lulu's eye medicine.

Ize take my bath now. More Moovies next time.

Purrz, Doobie Davey.
Offishul KFM Repurrter.
P.S. A Power station near Nana's house had an explosion... so Nana gots no power now. The Mom am going to Nana's house to bring her back here. Plz purr fur alla folks outta power. Doobie.


  1. Great reporting, Doobie! Those kittens are a-DORABLES! Purrs...

  2. Those kittens sure know how to turn on the cute.

    We hope that the folks out of power get their electricity back on soon.


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