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Monday, July 01, 2013

Monday Movie Lulu Kitty Update

Dearest Friends of the internets, 
Dis Am Doobie Davey repurritn about Weekend Happenings.

My niece Lulu am doin sum betters.  Hur investigated bouncy ball and dangly cotton drawstring belt thingy by herself on Friday nite.

On Saturday, her went to Willowbend Vet Clinic wif her brofur and sisfurs.  Dey all gotted bigger now and all weigh a half pound more den dey dids last week!

Da Doctor Vet checked Lulu’s right eye and said da ulcer am healing, but wif a scar on her cornea.  Da scar looked pink so dat means it am healing.  But Lulu no likes bright light.  Dat hurts to looks at light so hur stay in da carrier a lot cause it am darker in dere.  Her likes to sit in da Mom’s lap and cuddle.   Da Doctor Vet said to keep putting meds in Lulu’s eyes bout 3 times a day.  And him gave the Mom sum lysine stuffs to give to in alla kittens to eats to keeps da herpes virus away.   

Here am Kittens at da Vet's Second Visit.

Annie crawls under the cabinet ledge. Furry Funny.

Kitty girls run into carrier when Vet Assistant opens the door.

After da vet visit alla da kittens hads a long naps.  Sunnyday Lulu camed outa da carrier more!  Me gonna keep purring fur Lulu to get all well. Lulu needs another check up next Saturday. 

I gotz newz bout me too.  Da Vets am testing mai poops cuz dey gets smelly and runny.  Me sorry Mom.  Well dey bin real smelly frum corn so Mom tried Corn free foods, but dat not help too much. Just smelled better.  So dis weekend Mom let me eat sum Iams Kitten foods cuz it got sumpin called probiotics in it.  So I hopes dat helps my tummy feel better and not have da runs alla time.  If dat helps din Mom gets me sum big boy Iams foods (dey gots probiotics too) for me to eats wif mai corn free food.   Duz any cats know good stuffs for sensitive tummies like mines???

Doobie Davey.


  1. Were purring for Lulu's eye. That sounds really uncomfortable for you. We're also purring for your tummy to feel better. Probiotics and grain free sound like good ideas to try if your tummy is sensitive.

  2. We glad that Lulu's eye is coming along well. As for sensitive tummies, our ape reckons Royal Canin Sensitivity Control wet food in pouches is really good. She says it's sorted out many sensitive cat tums over the years. It comes in chicken/rice or duck varieties.

    Purring for you all

  3. We have chicken/rice from Royal Canin as when we both arrived we had tummy troubles quite often. Now we are much better but we share a pouch at bedtime every day and touch wood (Mum's head) we are fine now and eat ordinary cat food for the rest of the time with no bother.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. We are glad that Lulu's eye is doing better! We purr and pray that the healing continues. :)

    Sorry your tummy is not doing well, Doobie. :(


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