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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Tail of Yummy

We am furry thankfuls fur our pawsome friendz and datz weze haves a foster Mommy to luvz us.

So wif Annie at Lucy's Lounge (her thot of dis verse 1st), we say dis: "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of G-d fur all in the Messiah."
Purrz, Katie Kat.

(lol cat translation = 1 Thess 5:18 Say thnx all de timez, faw dis iz wot Ceiling Cat wants an’ Happy Cat too)

Now we brings u da Caturday post dat gotz losted frum da badz pooter
Dis Am The Tail Uv Yummy Purrviewz Pt 1:

Dis am mine

Yes Mom. I can Read Dis. It say Dis Am Mine.

Actually Lil Bear, it says, "Weruva Cats in The Kitchen - Mack Jack and Sam"

And Bear, you have to share...

 Noz I donts. Dis am Mine! All peeplez gohz away! Goh do sumpinz else! (Kerplunky sounds are heard.)
(kerplunky thing)
Joey: Hey guyz, dehrz a kerplunky thing. It am rolld off da table! It smell good. Lessee wher it goez... (Joey rolls kerplunky thing out of the living room and into the back hallway... other katz leave and follow kerplunky thing. Lil Bear left on coffee table.)

All katz goned... NOW I opens dis all mine... yum yum yum....(Mom takes pouch away and tears it open)  

Lil Bear, We have to vote on how everyone likes this Weruva Treats and then you can have some. MOM! But dis all mine! 

 Okay so Laura Belle, Joey and Lulu Luvs dis... 

I luvz it tooz!! says Anna May (not in pic) 

 Jazpurr haz ta haves dis...
Jordi wood pose wif dis... 

Tommy likes dis

Sammy wants dis on hims Chrissymouse list...

Boo Boo wudz cum out of hiding fur dis.

Miri sayz... I luvz it too!
and Doobie n Toeby, Katie Too n Max n Bootsie Woo luvz dis yummiez!

Soh dis vote am purrtee much unanimouse!!!  WE eats now!

Lil Bear someone is going to have to lick your head... you have yummies onit.

WE are furry thankful on Thanksgiving dats send dis yummy purrduct to triez! 

Da Mom just foundz out dis yummy stuffoms am on sale too... Weruva Mack Jack and Sam - 8 pouches (3 oz).  But we dint knoh dats...whin Mom went ta gets da linky it said on sale! And dey gots other flavors too, likes Chicken n Duck and Tuna in Pumpkin Soup.  Mom!!!  

Lil Bear: u kin buyz deze rites?  and din it all mine... 
Joey: Noh you will have to share...

But what about da kerplunky thing???? What am dat???   

Stay tuned fur more adventurez in the Tails of Yummiez!

Happy Thanksgiving... May you haves rests from ur labor... weze tells more bouts what we ams thankful fur in our next post.

Happy Hannukah... and may miracles happen in your lifes... and weze tells bout what we needs miracle fur too.

Purrz and Purrayerz to all.... the Katie Katz Gang.

(Taste testing tooks place last Caturday. The mom been under the weathers and so has da computer.  The mom gotz antibiotix now... but computer keeps restarting and doin weird video stuffs... likes Blue Screen of Death and video freezing with double colored lines and din the mousie and keyboard dont work... I purrmise mom dat not me! I chewed onda cell phone charger, not da pooter.
-- Purrz Angel's Lil Bear)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mom's Little Helpers

Helping Mom Find Her Keys
Helping Mom fix her computer
Happy Caturday!!
 Thank you so much for all your purrz fur Katie Too.

 The video card went couldn't post for a while.
Until Bear fixed it for me.

Katie Kat

This post is Starring Laura Belle and Angel's Lil Bear.

Friday, November 08, 2013

A Quick Postie Bout Katie Too

Hiya Folks, This am Katie Too.

I am being featured in the photos at Willowbend Animal Hospital's Facebook Photo Album.

Thanks to our Friends Karen in Australia and Brian's Home, I went to the vets last Furryday, November 1st.  All the meanie tape worms am gone bye bye!!!

Please keep me in your purrz.  I will be 11 years old in January 2014. 
Dr. Johnson found a new thing in my check up.  I have a slight heart murmur.   

Also, we have changed the banner on our bloggie and I somewhat approove...the tabby cat is cute, but no idea who the kitty is and I really think the Mom should use one of us kitties with a newspaper...that's what I get for taking a looong nap from blogging with the Mom.  Well she promises to make some photos sooo we'll see whooo gets the bestest pix.  

And pleeeze Mom, get a new photo of Joey and his sisters... they are much bigger now than that little pic at the top!  Joey is like the longest cat I have ever seen!!! And he's only 6 months old!

I am back as the Junior Executive of Katiez Furry Mewz, so I will be posting Mewz more often.

Especially since I should be spending more time with the Mom versus all these foster kitties!  Really Mom... find their homes already!  They need their moms and I need mine!  Oh all right, I guess Lil Bear can stay and maybe Doobie... Toby is Uncle Mike's cat...but that's it! Seriously.

Katie Ann Kitty Too
Junior Executive
Katiez Furry Mewz.