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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday Funny with Bear and Joey

(Although posted on Tuesday, this story happened on Monday.  Purrz, Katie Kat) 

Mom... mama MAMA Mom Mooommm!
Katie Kat:  Yes Lil Bear.  I'm right here.
Bear: Uncle Mike told Lil Joe a funny song and Lil Joe just told me! Can we sing it fur you?

Katie Kat:
Sure. Why not. What's the song about?
Lil Joe:
Ummm Kangaroos. Uncle Mike said that kangaroos are big rats with giant tails and they work as boxers in Australia.
Katie Kat: 
Sounds like Uncle Mike was feeding you a tale, actually.

Lil Bear:
Mama MOM Moomm Mama MOM!  I want to sing the song!
Katie Kat: 
Go ahead... Calm down. I'm right here. I'm not going away.

Lil Bear: 
Are you sure!?!?  I can't be alone! Don't ever leave me. You're my MOMMMM! My Mommy Mama Mommy Mom!

Katie Kat: 
I know baby. Three of your littermates only lived a short while. Your brother found a home. Your sisters found another home and your kitty mom went over the Rainbow Bridge.  But I will always be there for you, Sweetie. No matter what.

Lil Bear: 
Oh goods... Den We sing our song fur you! What did the kangaroo lady sing when her became a new mommy, Mom?!  What did she sing, Mommy Mama Mommy?!? What did she sing?!? Whaat?!? Do ya know? Do ya know?
Katie Kat:
I don't know, sweetheart. What did she sing? 
(Katie thinks to herself... hope my poor kid calms down after his little boy surgery.)

Bear and Joe start Singing

"Ize gots the Joey, Joey, Joey down in my pouch
Down in my Pouch.  Down in my pouch.
Ize got the Joey Joey JOEY Joey down in my pouch
Down in my pouch to GROWWW!!!" 

(to the tune of I've Got The Joy Down in My Heart) 

Lil Bear: What's a pouch?
Why did you name me after a baby kangaroo? 

Katie Kat:  Well a pouch is a pocket that a kangaroo has to keep her baby safe and warm until he or she is old enough to hop out. 

And Joey, I actually named you for Lil Joe or Joey, because you have a white J on your back and your purrsonality reminded me of a favorite TV character on a show called Bonanza...  Then your little J started looking like a check mark, kind of like the Nike logo on my tennis shoes... so you became the super hero Nike Cat for a while.  Looks like your J is changing shape though. Your long white hairline seems to be disappearing. Maybe you were only meant to be Nike Kitten. .

Joey:  Maybe so. Maybe so.  I will think about that and get back to you.  Did you like the song?

Katie Kat: Yes, Joey. Tell Uncle Mike that was furry funny.

Lil Bear:  Mom, will you keep me safe and warm too, like a Joey am with hims Mommy kangaroo?

Katie Kat: I will try sweetie, but I don't have a pouch.  Will a blankie do?

Lil Bear: Okay.  I Love you, Mommy Mama Mommy Mom.  (Lil Bear purrz and purrz in Katie Kat's lap, all wrapped up in hims warm blankie.)
Katie Kat: I love you, Lil Bear. 

Katie Kat turns to Lil Joe:  I love you too, Joey.
Joey:  Love you, Miss Mom Lady.  Thank you so much for saving me as a small kitten when my eyes were so infected that I would have lost my sight.  I knew you were there to help me. I couldn't see you, but your voice sounded furry kind. You do know that I am not destined to stay with you, though, don't you?
Katie Kat: Yes, and when you go, I will miss you very much.
Joey: I will miss you, too.  You will always be my hero. I will miss Uncle Mike and his big shoulders.  Howsumever, I must leave you eventually and carry out my mission, for I have cases to solve and deducting to do like Sherlock Holmes. You know, hero stuff. 
Katie Kat:  Yes you do. dear Nike Cat.  Yes you do.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Marvelous Monday - Jazzpurr Am All Better

Hiya to all our Furry Friends and Pawrents,

I am all better! The Lady wanted to make sure afore we toled you.

The Mom Lady thinks your prayers were why I made an easy and quick recovery. Dem yucky pills helped but how come Ize feeling so wonderful so soon?  

Even Lil Bear tooks longer den me!  Nows that I'm feeling so much better, the Lady can helps me find my furever home.
Until then, if that Lady will just find the laser dot thingy so I can chase it and get some exercise!

Sir Jazpurr GentleCat.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday - Jazpurr says Thank You

Hellos... I am still sniffling some.  I am sitting near the humidifier.  My appetite am back and I am eating healthy weight food frum Purina.  I am being a good boy and letting the lady give me yucky pills.
I hates them, but the Lady gives me tasty stuff afterwards.  

I hopes to feel like exercising and chasing the laser toy furry soon.  
Purrz, Jazzy.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Jazpurr is slowly feeling better

Jazzie is slowly feeling better....He is still sniffling. Yet he's staying out of the carrier more and even wanted scritches from Uncle Mike yesterday morning.  He starting objecting to taking his meds (good sign he has some energy again!)  

I'm going to let the Doctor know his progress today.  It really concerns me that Jazz isn't getting better very quickly.  The clavamox doesn't seem to help as well as the doxocycline did for Lil Bear.  Sometimes that means a change in antibiotics to completely get over a secondary infection.  I've been told by several vets that white cats sometimes have a rougher time healing.  Will keep you all posted.  

Thank you all so much for all the kind comments, purrz and prayerz.

Hope to have time to visit all of you, our dear furry friends and pawrents this weekend.

Purrz, paddy paws and loud meowz (from Lil Bear sitting in my lap),
The Mom, aka
Katie Kat.
Jazpurr getting weighed

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Purrz 4 Jazpurr

Please keep Jazpurr in your purrz and Prayers as the Mew Year starts... He is having hard time getting over this cold.  Your purrz and prayers, plus antibiotics and the Chlorpheniramine are helping a lot. 

He still has the sniffles, but nothing like the awful scarey clogged up sound he was making Sunday and Monday. His nose is staying pink the past two days versus the scarey purple color he did have.  Although we can't isolate Jazpurr in the bathroom, since Oreo is taking refuge there, our big sweet white gentle boy spends most of his time resting in a comfy carrier with the gate off. 

We are running a vaporizer in the room he shares with Dad Tommy, his brothers and sister Miri.  Tommy has been sneezing so may need to give him a half Chlortab as well.  More updates Later.

Purrz and Prayerz,
Katie Kat.

Wordless Mew Yearz

Bibi and her new toy

(Mostly Wordless) - Happy Mew Yearz frum Nana's Bibi
Angel's Lil Bear
Joey the Nike Cat
Laura Belle
Annie May
I-Love Lulu
Doobie Davey
and all the Katie Katz!