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Monday, September 22, 2014

Calling all pet bloggers fur Dezi's Mom

Weze interrupts Movie Mondays agains... fur dis specially pawtant mewnouncement. 

Dis am Katie Kitty Too... I don'ts blogs lately cause uvs all da younger kits needs their turns, but when it am Time For Claws... den I gets dem outs!  

Our Mom am sooo mads... about How our Friends at Deziz World am being treeted.

Weze knows not many folks stops here on da bloggiesphere, but weze am sooo mads dat we hopes sum folks will joins us to call and writes deze dumb peeples and tells dem to 

STOPS DAT!!!  and blog about dis too.

As lots of u mites know,  Dezi and Lexi's Mom am disabled... and Dey ams having da worstest purrblems with dehr apawtment.

Furst deys need lots of remodeling cause uvs a flood in a nuther pawtment. But did the housing management fix Dezi and Lexi's pawtment after dat flood?  Nope...

Da furst of September, Dehr Mommy had to call and writes everybody, including teevee just to gets her pawtment fixed and gets set ups in a motel whiles dey fix her pawtment.

Well finally dey gotted moved to a motel whiles dehr pawtment gotted worked on.

Den last Caturday, Dezi and Lexi and Mom returned to dehr pawtment to finds there stuffs everywhere, all the furniture in really dumb places, boxes that belongs in bedrooms was stuffed into the kitchen, and stuff like fridges replaced that were just fine, and doze movers used her good towels for caulking, left leaky drinks on her antique table and ther awful cigaretted butts in her trash!!

Dehr Mom could not even gets to her bed to sleeps and dey gots a toilet dat nobody can use! It too small!  Maybe it supposed to be for kitties who are toilet trained, but dehr Mom can even reach it!  Dey replace all sorts of stuffs, but da moldy sink in da bathrooms that was supposed to be replaced am still there!!!

Dehr Mom called peoples, and when sumbodies comed fix this mess, they just stood around and argued that they weren't gonna move anything!  

Anyway if you haven't stopped by their bloggie, you just gotta reads it fur your self... and sees da photos. And dis am just one of them... See how Dezi and Lexi's Mom can't even get to her bed to sleeps????

Nobody oughta be treated this way...

Our Mom am sooo mad that her am gonna tells our Daddy and weze knows how our Daddy gets mad at dumb peoples and managements companies... weze know him will call deze people and tell them what fur... kindly in British...  But dey will know that even folks from England knows better.

Well Lexi's Mom left some email addies in her bloggy, and we used dat to finds the main website.  So's weze asking all pet bloggers to "kindly" call this management company and tell them that the way they am treating our Friend Audra High and her Kitties Dezi and Lexi am not rights and we will nots sit by quietly and let them do that.  

Da Cayla snoopervisor mights be kinda nice even if her am kinda dumb fur a hooman, so weze askin to be polites but firm with all dat you writes or talks too... cause you might just be talking to someone who ams looking to finds a better company to works for...

Da website of dis management company am

For some dumb reason, the only phone number we could find on their website was for
the hard of hearing... but here it am for Oklahoma: Oklahoma TDD # 800-522-8506

People to email:

And here am the website fur Belmont Communities in Oklahoma:

Dehr am lots of dem sooo.. weze mite call all of dem and kindly tell how we don't likes how Dezi and Lexi's Mom am being treeted...

Ain't dat rights, Lulu?


Weze knows not many folks stops here on da bloggiesphere, but weze am sooo mads dat we hopes sum folks will joins us and call or writes deze dumb peeples and tells dem to 


Purrz and Clawz
From Katie Kitty Too
And Lulu Girl.


  1. We will do that too, poor Dezi and Mum, they sure have been treated badly.

  2. WE so agree with you that Dezi and her Mom do need some help. They have been treated very badly. Hope things get straightened out really soon for them.

  3. Have just sent an email to Romana Dixon so she can see that there are non-Americans that care about them too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy's Mum Sue x

  4. Thank you! We have been praying hard for our friends, and this is a wonderful way to help, letting those not nice people know that others care about the way they are treating Dezi and Lexi and their mommy! And that this dilemma is being spread throughout the internet!
    We love you for this (as if we didn't love you before, but we did)!
    QUINN and Carol

  5. Oh Katie Kat mommy has da big time leaky eyes and can hardly see to type what me tells hers. Fings got so much worse after our email and Ramona be twyin' to help as much as she can, but da management company just dusn't cawe bout anyfin' but covewin' their hineys and gween papews. Fank yous. Weez weally purreciates yous vewy much.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

    Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra

  6. I am so sorry that Dezi and her family are having to go through this hard time with the water leak and all. I would think things would have been put back correctly. I hope they can get settled soon. Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate my Blogoversary yesterday. Always fun to see and visit with you.

  7. I hope that Dezi, Lexi and their Mum get some help - some peoples just don't think!

  8. We think what is happening to Dezi and her Mom is deplorable. This is a good idea but people have to be don't want to make the people overly mad to that they treat her even WORSE...............I am going to hold on to this and probably write to them tomorrow. Love, Caren and Cody

  9. We have been purring and praying for Dezi and Lexi and their Mom. We are wishing things will be fixed soon.


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