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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

CATs of Topeka and Silvia Urgent Update

The Cat Association of Topeka (C.A.T.) is a non-profit organization, no-kill shelter, dedicated to the welfare of abandoned and relinquished cats and kittens.  As of May 1995 over 3,100 cats and kittens have been placed in new homes.  Even if you are not in Kansas, stop by and check out their website and find out what all they do to help kitties find loving homes.

They even have a page full of fun things to do, including wallpaper and a link to a cat name generator:

C.A.T.s has many ways to help support them too, including Amazon Smile, Plus Shopper's Cards and they are an eBay Charity!  If you stop by our eBay Store, you will notice C.A.T.s is one of the charities that The Purple Kattery donates to.
The Purple Kattery eBay Store

Here is one of their cuties still waiting for his forever home:

Norbert is a friendly little guy. He is quiet and laid back, and loves to explore. He can be very affectionate and will rub and kneed on you. Head rubs are his favorite. Norbert is featured at

In Other Mewz,
I hope you're all angry like me and can help this week again...

Silvia's roommate was getting paid this week, but the contractor found some excuse not to pay until the end of the month and may not pay even then!

Alex does quality mason work, but this guy wanted sloppy work done quick (in the rain?). Silvia and Alex are trying small claims court. That leaves them needing 150.00 asap.

If we can get at least 75.00, I can help with the rest for this week. Silvia is only getting a few hours cleaning work but won't get paid until Friday. Thanks so much for helping Silvia Espinosa and her kitties. Guero is still having poo wars and not quite healed yet. Gordo still fighting a mysterious fever, yet Natasha hasn't had another asthma attack, thank goodness.

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