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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Chiquita Toesies and Honey Peach Selfies

Hiya internet friends... Mom am sorting out her Canon camera dat her gotted as a gift...

It am furry funny the way it works when the flashy am on. you haz to hold the button down til it beeps and then release. Takes a while to work unless am photos outside. Canon Powershot SX 410IS...

I helped Katie Mom out by taking a selfie of my cute back toes...

And den here I am confusing Katie Mom by sniffing the carpet. Actually I was just avoiding the flashy light.
I am not really dats chubby. I am just scrunched up. I hads to stretch after dat photo. I iz still a furry shy girl and takes a while fur me to trust mew folks.... I loves people once I gets to know dem.

I hopes to gets a home with Honey Peach. We lives to play together cause we am bout the same small size of cutie girl kitties. Here am her selfie from last night...Mom thinks her am part Persian, cause her am almost a Baby Doll Persian kitty girl. Honey am getting a bit chubby, but me am still my skinny long self... and fur some reason, my furs did not grow back on my tummy from my spay several months ago. 

Katie Mom not bin helping us on the 'puter lately cause her am bin busy raising funds fur us kitties and we am still behinds... and needs more funds and stuffs. (If you helped last year and want a statement before April 15th, please let Katie Mom know... you can email us at laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.)

Katie bin getting all sorts of stuff like fridges and dryers and metal things to take to scrap yards... and lots of different metals that we not plays with... I wish Katie Mom would collect catnip or mousies toys, but dehrs not money in dats.  So we hopes to visit more dis weeks especially to all our loverly friends who has been so kinds to leeves us comments and stuff.

We will talks to you later on the weekend fur sures... (and sumpin special fur April Furst...)

Purrz and Nose Kisses,
Miss Chiquita and Miss Honey Peach

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Toby at the Vets Selfie

Hiya internet friends, I hads to go to vets and now I iz wearing the cone of shame...
I lives in a box and won't come out til I feel better and don't haz meddies.

I hurted my bottom on sumpun, Auntie Katie thinks was when I was jumpin into a window.
I am a furry big boy and I might have slipped while getting into the window above the sink. I don't know cause I cant remember. I just remember my owie hurts.

Auntie Katie saw my owie on Wednesday and tooks me to vets.

 Here I am complaining at the vets... Auntie Katie's camera took photo just as I was about to open my mouth and whine about being at the vets and waiting on Dr. Johnson to see us.
 I looks like a Vampire Cat.

Still waiting to see him....
I was a good boy though, just asked Auntie Katie, why Dr. Johnson taking sooo long?

The vet tech said that another pet was going over the Rainbow Bridge and they were consoling his family.  Okay... that makes sense. Auntie Katie and me were furry sad to hear that.

Da vets shaved my bottom and my legs so I could gets well - I was licking my owie and making it worse.  No we not gotted photos of da owie, but it am the size of a dime, and healing furry nicely now. Soon I won't has to wear a cone no mores.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend....
Purrz from Toby and the Katie Katz.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Saturday Free Vet Clinic Day Selfies

Free Clinic Day Sponsored by 

Check In: Silvia with Mama Cat and Four kids
The all day SCART event took place on Saturday, March 11 at Wichita's Interfaith Ministries with a makeshift clinic set up in their basement.

SCART in cooperation with Inter-Faith Ministries hosted the bi-annual pet wellness clinic event, which also function as practice drills for animal response volunteers while offering free pet wellness exams, vaccinations and city license information for pets whose owners are experiencing or have recently experienced homelessness or poverty.  

Exams were provided by Skaer Veterinary Clinic and services were free of charge.  Information about no cost spay and neuter options was also available. The event was limited to dogs and cats. Proof of low income was required, by appointment only set up several months ago.

Cold day yesterday. Mostly dog owners came to event. The outdoor receiving and registration area was cordoned off to help keep loose doggies from running away.  All the tables were covered by canopies.

Silvia's four kids are seven years old. Mama Cat is about eight.

After filling out paperwork for each kitty, carriers were tagged to correspond with each kitty's paperwork. Then Silvia, a volunteer and I carried the carriers over to a covered semi-circle waiting area of chairs covered by a large canopy before going in the building.
The Cat exam room was actually the women's restroom.  

Natasha was first to be seen. She watched Mama Silvia a lot to know what to do. She was very good and wasn't scared. Every kitty had their teeth checked, bladder and abdomen checked, overall health. Then received distemper and rabies shots, and topicals for deworming and fleas. 

Guero, who had been having diarrhea problems this last week, was thankfully well enough now to get his vaccinations. Dr. Christen Skaer checked both Guero and Gordo's surgeries. Gordo PU surgery, only a few weeks ago, was healing well. (PU = perineal urethrostomy).

Sometimes Mama Narcisca gets a brown discharge. Silvia asked Dr. Skaer about that and she suggested that Mama be checked for crystal problems in her urine since two of her boys had to have PU surgery for crystal blockage. 
Two of the flea products they had on hand were Frontline or Cheristin. Had not heard of Cheristin before. (Cheristin FAQs) Cheristin is apparently safer for young cats and kittens. (FAQ page states, "Low-volume dose is effective for all cats 1.8 pounds or greater")

Vet Exam Kitty Selfies:


Mama Narcisca

After examinations, Kitties were checked out at the "Reclaim" Table. Silvia was told by Dr. Skaer and SCART that if any kitty seemed to be having a reaction, take to ER to be checked and treated and treatment would be paid for.  Every kitty received paperwork and a rabies tag in an envelope.
Review of the event: 
One little dog got loose and happily ran around excited. The volunteers were calm and easily helped the little dachshund return to his Mama.

Two of the topicals were placed too low below the cat's collars. When Silvia got her kitties home, they started trying to groom each other and began gagging and drooling. If the topicals had been put just above the collar line, would have been harder for the siblings to get it in their mouths during mutual grooming.

Natasha did not take to all the vaccinations and topicals as well as Mom and her littermates. She curled up in a ball and refused to eat. She also staggered to the litterbox. We took her to the ER for a checkup. At ER, Silvia was told that only the checkup would be covered and not any treatment if needed. After some discussion (heated), Natasha's treatment was also covered (Benedryl shot).

In Conclusion: Event went well and very organized. Plenty of volunteers who were professional and calm - very good with animals. However I will be contacting SCART to find out why ER said that treatment was not covered, only the exam if needed.

We're joining Cat on My Head for the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop: 


Sunday, March 05, 2017

Sunday Selfies - Neighbor's Kitten

This am a neighbor's kitten. Her name am Kitty til neighbor givers her purr-manent name. 

Her am a petite kitty, small fur her age. She am the size of a normal four month old, yet she is six months old. Her am also furry smart.

Katie Mom am gots a bad cold and could use lots of purrz Plz.... We try to sits on top of her and makes her gets some rest.

Auntie Silvia am furry sick too.

Purrz from Katie Kitty Too and the Katie Katz...

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Peach and Chiquita

Honey Peach and Chiquita am friends
Fluffy Tail Girl
Chiquita is looking at the moving fan... mol

>^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<

Gordo after hims surgery
The Mom am off to pick up junk stuff to turn in and help us buy kitty food and help Gordo who just had surgery. 
Please keeps Auntie Silvia in your purrz, her has a furry bads cold. Gordo may be running a fever, may have infection from hims surgery. 

If you could help out, Gordo can get check up at vets. Please use the PayPal link on the right - thank you furry much.
  -Miss Peach and Chiquita.