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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


FANKS TO ALL OUR KIND FRINDS, MAXIE GOTTED ENUF GREEN FINGS FUR HIMS SURGERIE...and fur hims rabies shot and pain killers too!

And you all sints more din dat!! About 80 morh green fings din 35!! Now Maxie kin gets all hims shots (FLV & Distemper) and Daisy n Bootsie gots a fund started fur dehr ladee opurayshuns! Fanks so much!!

We will lets u knoh when deyz is and which vet be doin dat fur dem.

U iz da bestest frinds!
(mawmee got leeky eyes now)

Katie Too Jr. CEO,
Kat-Renee Purduckshunz


  1. Love the picture and the joke! Thank you so much for the nice message you left us about Benson. We appreciate your warm thoughts and purr-rayers!

    Love Theodore and Sasha (the kitties at and Gibson, Benson's woofie brother

  2. we tried to call the vet but they did not call back. We are going to paypal

  3. We are glad to have been able to help - wishing Maxie well at the vet and hoping for a speedy recovery.

    the purries from
    Purrchance To Dream
    and Uncle Mo

  4. Now, amember dat yoo can still make dem lady cats haf kittens fur about a week and yoo hafta stay away from dem...but yoo is gonna be so much happier wifout dem hoo hahs.

  5. I am very glad that Max can get his surgery and his shots. I hope all goes well and he recovers quickly.

  6. That is wonderful news! Our Mom wanted to donate too but her job cut her hours WAY back and we have no spare green papers. The CB is a great bunch and come to the aid of those in need. This was such a feel-good story!

    hugs and purrs

  7. Hello Ktie and da katz!! thanks for posting a comment on my bloggy!! yey! it iz nice meeting you and your bloggy!! I luv the CNN kats! Oh I wish Goma will watch CNN like those cats...

  8. I hope everything goes well with the surgery today. My mom understands about the green papers thing. My two vet visits cost quite a bit this week!

  9. Thanks for dropping by today with the well wishes. Mom says I appear to be feeling a little better. Please keep me in your thoughts and purrayers!


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