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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thumpinz on Thursday: TOEZ!!

Hiya!! My name iz Mouse and this here are my toez. Katie gotted on da copier and gots her fotoh taken! Den Mommi gotted all our toez copied too!

I iz a blak kitteh wif a wittel white triangle on my chest. My left fron paw is turned cause I gotted funny front feet. I useta thump reel loud when I walked, til I figured out how to get dese silly feets ta werks! Ize gotted corn allugiez and a tummy dat needs rubbin soh I don get constipurrted. I iz furry quiet speshul needz kitteh.

Dis here are tuxie toez! Kin u guess whooze iz Katie n whooz iz Boostie?

And dis here is Daisy and Maxie.... Who dat funny face?

Kin U guess da toez?

Bootsie tells u ifns u iz rites on Caturday!
Dat be Valentinez Day!!!

Hugs and Head rubbiez,
Mouse E. Kat


  1. Oh wow! Those are all such great toez shots!!!!

  2. Those are cool pictures of all your toesies....and some tummy shots too!

  3. Your toes are all cute!

    ps: We got the tee-shirt from Build-a-Bear workshop. We order their clothings on-line.


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