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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Guero Needs Your Prayers Now and Help

Guero Needs Purrz and Prayerz - Guero started having problems again yesterday. Silvia had to take him back to the vet this morning to have a catheter so poor Guero could express his bladder.

Right now Silvia is thankful that she got Guero to the vet in time...

Cost of Vet Visit: $225.00.  Because check came in from working at HR, Silvia paid half of bill and a longtime friend and his Mom helped pay the rest. 

Right now, that means unless Silvia gets enough housecleaning done this week, there may not be enough money for rent this coming Tuesday. 

Silvia picked up Guero about 11am CST. She just texted at 2:38pm "Guero in pain, but drowsy from anesthesia. I got bill there showing all procedures. Bladder was full. I hope he doesn’t need to go again or will have to go to ER. Guero had shots and catheter procedure..." Not winning the Pee Wars today. Texted just now. "Guero hasn’t gone yet. Vet said if no progress by tomorrow nite - will have to take him to Vet Emergency Hospital for catheter flush only. Mucus in his urethra." 

I only have so much money in my credit card funds to cover an ER visit... just not there. Please pray and share...

Please keep Guero in your prayers. And share on social media. We need funds by tomorrow.

If anyone could help with an auction, I have several items to start with.
Will keep you updated.  –Katie.
Purrz, Katie Kat.
Silvia and Guero
Ronnie, Natasha, Narcisca and Gordo.


  1. We shared and are sending prayers, prayers and more prayers.

  2. We will be keeping Guero and Silvia in our thoughts and prayers. Happy New Year to you all...May you receive your heart's desires with ease and glory in 2016!

  3. We'll purray for Guero and sending healing pawkisses to feel better soon and bring Fresh Pawkisses for a Happy and Healthy New Year :) <3

  4. We came by to check on Guero this morning. Paws crossed he wins the pee wars and is doing well. We are purring for him. Will share your post.

  5. PepiSmartDog: Happy New Year! Wishing you a great 2016.
    Praying Guero's health will be all fixed up real soon. Hate to know a pal is sick. :=o(
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Always enjoy your posts. *waves paw* :=o)


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