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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mostly Wordless Guero at the Vets and Save a Life in NYC

Guero hiding before his shot....

So thankful he didn't have a blockage - just needed a shot....

Silvia's fund still needs 135.00  for the vet bill... Will keep you posted if she still needs funds for rent next week...

Purrz from Silvia and her Fur Babies

Benjamin Lil Bear Here... helping mom type by occupying her arms... I really loves napping in Mom's arms while she at the 'pooter... 

We wanted to tells you about a funding going on that am furry impawtant and will save every cat on Death Row in NYC's highest kill shelter tomorrow on Chrissymouse Eve!

The Mom sent all her Christmas Money to save the babies... 

Even if you don't has much, fur every dollar you can donate - 3 more dollars will match yours!  Can you send a little something to save a life tomorrow - the bestest Christmas purrsent ever?

- Purrz from Katie Kat the Mom,
Benjamin Lil Bear and all the saved Katie Katz...


"Hudson Valley Animal Rescue (a 501c3 non-for-profit organization located in Poughkeepsie NY.) is very active in the rescue community. We have saved over 600 animals from just one "kill shelter" in NYC this year. We also take in animals from shelters in the South and from the public as well. Every holiday season on Christmas Eve it has been a tradition for us to rescue all of the cats on the "Death Row" list from the high kill shelter in New York City. 

This year an incredibly generous donor is offering to match any donation we receive up to $5,000. On top of that the company she works for is willing to match up to $5,000 as well! This means that for every $1 you donate- HVARS will receive $3! With your help this holiday season we have a chance raise up to $15,000 to help save the “Christmas Eve” cats and many others.

Please consider giving up just one cup of coffee or tea and use that couple of dollars to make a small donation. Those dollars wont make much difference sitting in your wallet but they could mean the difference between live and death for a needy animal if you send them to HVARS. Every little bit counts. 

We are so grateful to have been given this opportunity. All of the money that you donate will go straight to vetting, feeding and general care of the cats/dogs that are still waiting to find homes. As well as the renovation of our new facility so that we have the ability to rescue even more animals in the future!"

Please share with everyone you know in hopes that we can reach our goal! 
Thank you, we love you all! 

- HVAR Staff


  1. Purrs to Guero from all of us. Great job with the rescue too.

  2. Sending purrs to Guero and will check out the rescue group too!

  3. We sure send lots of purrs to Guero. Hope he feels better really soon. That does sound like a great rescue group.

  4. Glad to hear good news for Guero :)
    Purrs for such a good rescue organization :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Guero is so beautiful! Glad he did OK and didn't have a blockage!

  6. Sending purrs and a great big Noodle hug to Guero!
    Have a wonderful holiday season...

    Noodle and crew


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