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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Wordless Angel and Her Mousies plus Silvia Update


I haz potential forever home, but sweet lady am got cold. Please Purr fur my mew mommy to get well soon and I go forever home.  Katie Mom am furry tireds! I loves to pat her face when she sleep and leeve mousies... but I needs be in smoke free home and not need be in home that need air ducts cleaned. The last silly owner of Katie Mom's house smoked into chimney and all that yucky nicotine gots onto A/C coils! Dat's why I take yucky pills fur bronchitis...and Katie Mom has take meds too. Please purr that Katie Mom can get dem coil thingies cleaned furry soon.

- Angel the Fetch Kitty.

We have some furry good Mewz for Silvia - you can reads the updates at

  • Guero and Ronnie - two kitties who have been sick are doing great!
  • Were able to have this weeks rent
  • Started HR Block yesterday (Tuesday), signing papers, introductions, etc.
  • Silvia found out her dress clothes were ruined, but we were able to find some great stuff Monday at ridiculous bargains! 
But Here is the Rest of the Story: 
  • No paychecks from HR Block until December 30th. 
  • No new donations and now need at least another 450.00 just to keep going until the 30th.
  • Training starts Monday but at home on your own PC, but Silvia doesn't have one. She has an old small tablet that won't accept the apps. 
For now planning for her to borrow my computer.  I may have a laptop for her to use - but it's in another town! A friend took my old non-working laptop and got it to run Windows 7, Win 10 or something, but he moved his computer shop to Hutchinson!  He's giving me back the pc in exchange for my brother working on his car. I have no guarantee that laptop is going to work well or if my brother and I can go get it this weekend (I don't have a car). 

Need to move my older desk out of storage.  On top of that, our modem's wireless doesn't work.  Gotta buy a new one. Looking on CraigsList. That I can take care of, but
Katiez Katz does not have enough funds to cover three weeks more of rent.

So here we are - Sooo Close and yet sooo far to go! 
Please help Silvia  not be homeless at Hanukkah and Christmas.
Please Keep sharing on all social media you use and even many small gifts will go a long way...
Ecclesiases 11:1 -
Cast thy bread upon the waters, for you shall find it after many days…"

Purrz from
Angel and Katie

Silvia, Narcisca, Natasha, Ronnie, Gordo and Guero.

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  1. Gosh,we sure hope you can go to your forever home really soon. And get that smoke out of the house. You all have a great day.

    1. We're trying... mol. Still got to get Silvia ready for work on Monday with a pc - and then if we don't get funds for rent of Tuesday - be in trouble. Purring for you too.

  2. Dang. There is good news but more good news is needed.

  3. Glad there's good news. We don't even have pennies, so we'll send purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. Congrats to Angel for being so close to having a forever home! I hope that you are able to get all of the money and supplies that you need. My kitties and I will be praying and purring for you!

  5. We're happy for the good news, but will keep on purring and praying for MORE good news.


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