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Friday, December 18, 2015

Oreo and the Furry Good Catmas Tree

Hiya Furry Blogging Friends!

Finally, the Mom gots the Real Chrissymouse Card!

This am Oreo wifs our Finally Finished fur real and not Beta Meowry Chrissymouse Card! And no, the Mom didn't draw those kitties. They came from MS Picture It 2002. (yes we use that... mol - still works!)

The Mom just emailed our cards to a gazillion emails! Howsumever if fur sum reezon, you didn't gets one, please feel free to copy this one fur your Chrissymouse page!

The original "Oreo Says Hello" can be found at National Geographic Yourshot (Copyrighted)

We hopes and purrz dats u haz a furry Meowry Christmas!  

And especially for those who haz lost a loved one or a paw baby,
We purr that the Mew year will bring the joys of unexpected Miracles...


And now fur sum Furry Friday Fun!
A Furry Good Catmas Tree with Cole and Marmalade. 


Thank you soo much to all who have helped Katiez Katz
this year with greenies when we really needed them.

Some of you dats helped this gotz a snail mail Christmas card wifs a furry one of a kind lion drawing made just fur you!!!  Please let the Mom know when you receive it.

If you helped this year and didn't get a snail mail card by Chrissymouse, please let us know by emailing laugh_safely ats yahoo dots com.  We may not have found your address in the paypal records. 
The Mom would love to draw a lion fur you too.

Thank you all so very much for your continued
support of Silvia and her kitty kids

We have some furry good mewz, yet still need mewz fur purrz...from the Power of the Paw... 
This week is paid! And there is 110.00 toward next week's rent or toward paying the vet bill, depending on how much Silvia needs for next week's rent.   

She is getting paid for HR Block training, yet not sure if she will be among those who are finally "hired." And she started cleaning the new home yesterday and will work more on getting it ready this weekend. 

The good thing is the contractor who built the home will be able to pay her quickly, while HR Block will be later...  Yet if she doesn't get hired on with HR Block, Need to find steady income for January. 

All the kitty kids are doing well - Please pray that income will be available in January for steady work and that a real place to call home will be found.

 Praying for God's blessing on you and yours too!   

-Katie, the Katie Katz and 
Silvia, Narcisca, Natasha, Ronnie, Guero and Gordo.  

(P.S.  I have enough funds cover the Paypal that all your donations go to Silvia)


  1. Such a cute Christmas card! We just mailed our Chrissymouse cards out today, so I'm sure you'll hear from us soon. The cats and I will be praying and purring about your work situation. It is tough for a lot of people out there right now. We're still working hard to pull together enough money for our rent this month ourselves.

  2. That is a very cute Christmas Card and that video is fun!!!

  3. We loved that video Katie - it made us smile from ear to ear! We hope you have a Happy Christmas with your family and friends plus of course the most important gang of cats and kittens.
    Love Hannah, Lucy and Mum Sue x

  4. What a cute card! And the video was super...
    Have a happy holiday.

    Noodle and crew

  5. We got da card and da drawin' is adowable. Fank you. Glad all is well. Sendin' purrayers fur a blest Christmas.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. I hoe I can send something for Silvia she is blessed to have a friend like you.

  7. We love that Christmas card! Oreo sure does look adorable. :)

    Thank you for your kindness in the wake of Moosey’s passing. He was a very special boy, and we love and miss him so much. The amazing love and support by our friends has been such an encouragement during this difficult time.

  8. Thank you for the card, we did get ours and I love it.

  9. We got your beautifur card with the cute lion and we all love it. Dad held it up and we all crowded around to get a look. Thank Mew.
    Many Purrs and Prayers for all in need
    Timmy, Dad and Family

  10. We love your card! We got it in our email - thank you very much. Best Christmas wishes to all of you!


Dearest Furry Friends, Thanks so much fur visiting and leaving your paw prints. Love and Purrz from the Katie Katz