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Monday, December 07, 2015

Happy Hanukkah Good Mewz and Purr Mewz

Hiya - This am Oreo Repurrtin fur Katiez Furry Mewz
Furst ovs all - last week I caughted a reel mouse!!! But Mom made me drop it in the toilet...
awww... my mouse!  Oh well.  The Mom and Uncle Mike caughted 9 more mousies after them critters nearly ruined all the kitchen cabinets.  Mom had to wash everything.  And the cabinets still smell.... pew! 

Well Hanukkah started last nights... The Mom can't finds our menorah...  silly Mom. Well with kitties in several different family homes to looks afters and her house needs remodeling (can't use the water heater for one) - who knows where it am packed.  So we mades this pic instead...  we hopes that the folks ats dont mind us borrowing this purrtee menorah.

Ifs we finds dat Menorah - we makes a real photo of it all lit ups on the last day - cause Mom thinks she knows where the candles are... mol.

And we won a Hanukkah gift from Ellen Pilch and all the kitties at  - The Mom will check post office box soon and let you know ifs we gots dat!

We gots some furry goods mewz for Silvia and Her Kitties...
  • We gotted enough money for rent payment tomorrow
  • She starts to work at H&R Block tomorrow... 
  • Still need moneys for next weeks rent though.

But when she went to check her dress clothes - they were all musty and ruined!!

Mouses!!!!  Silvia texted Mom this morning and they going shopping
with emergency charge cards this afternoon - Sear's and Kohl's - see if can finds some clothes.  Please Keep Mom and Silvia in your purrz that they find something for Silvia to wear tomorrow and the rest of the week - Silvia has hard time finding pants that fit without having to take them up - and we only got today!!!

Silvia and Mom both called Dress For Success and not only do they not help anyone on Mondays - ya gotta show paycheck proof of employment and no appointments available until December 18th!  How does DFS help anyone get started at a job?  Mouses!!!

Ifs you can donates some moneys to cover the clothing charges - Silvia and Mom would be furry grateful!  Be likes a Hanukkah Present!

Oreo Robin William.
From Hanukkah 2007

(P. S.  folks that are on the cat blogging and donation list - will try to send out snail mail cards soon - email cards will be this week...)


  1. Hope fings go well. You might twy callin' da Catholic churches and maybe even sum of da Baptist. In da past mommy found dat those purrticular churches seemed to help more offen. Da Methodist too. Sendin' purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  2. Happy Hanukkah to all of you from all of us!


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