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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Heavy Hearts and Urgent Mewz Help Save Kitten!

Angel the Fetch Kitty here for Selfie Sunday Blog Hop. / Lots to Pray about today and urgent mewz.
Angel practices her laser focus

Katie Mom has not been able to blog until today - her computer  am fried... (waiting on a mew hard drive to re-install the operating system and use former hard drive as secondary to prevent loosing files.)

On Thursday, a man went on a shooting rampage at Excel Industries in Hesston, KS - killing three people and injuring many others.  Of those who died - Josh Higbee was a friend of Silvia's - Guero's Mom.  Josh used to do maintenance at the motel where Silvia is staying.  Silvia is still in shock from losing her friend. / Yet she is still was able to get to a job interview on Friday. Please pray for Silvia and all those mourning their friends and families.  She still needs funds for next week's rent.

Right now, Katie Mom am trying to help save a stray 4 month old grey kitten who will be shot! Yes shot if he is not rescued today! He is having trouble seeing and limping. No photos yet.

If you follow me on Facebook, you can see the story here:  Funds are needed to take the kitten to the vet ASAP... please help by using the paypal button on the side of the blog. Where this kitty will go is still being sorted out. Katie Mom may have found someone to take him long term...

The Auction at the Purple Kattery needs to end earlier than planned.
Due to needing funds to come in for Silvia's rent for next week, auction needs to end tonight at 12pm - CST vs tomorrow 12pm CST.  Please stop by and check it out today.
Yet due to short notice because the Mom couldn't get on a computer - will still take bids tomorrow if you hurry, especially on items without any bids!  Anyone who has already bid, if you would like to pay early to secure the item - Would be greatly appreciated!

Howsumever, some of the items donated by Katiez Furry Mewz may need help with postage, even if the bid says included.  If that is the case, Katie Mom will let you know... and we apologize for that - postage has gotten higher.  Probably only be a few dollars more though.

***Please go to the auction and use the buy button
on the side so Mom can get discount on shipping
by making postage online...

Here are the high bids so far: 

BID SUMMARY (Click on Item #)
Bid Item #1  Book: Why Do Cats... and Crochet Toy Bonus
          The Poupounette Gang 10.00 Bid

           Timmy Tomcat  12.00 Bid
The Poupounette Gang 15.00 Bid

Bid Item #2 Genuine Percheron Draft Horse Shoe
   Catnip Lounge - 35.00 Bid

Bid Item #3 Book: Courageous Cats Compete 
             Marty the Manx 6.00 Bid
             Timmy Tomcat 8.00 Bid

Bid Item #4 Holiday Kitty Wooden Rubber Stamp
             Timmy Tomcat 5.00 Bid

Bid Item #5 Girl's Silver Plate Purple Heart Watch
            Us Three Coons: 7.00 Bid

Bid Item #6 Silver Plate Hand Made Purple Necklace Earring Set
         Dash Kitten 18.00 Reserved
          (auto win, unless she wants to play bid wars...mol)

Bid Item #7 Silver Plate Handmade Blue Necklace Earring Set - No Bids

Bid Item #8 Pewter Folk Art Cross Pendant
         Celestial Kitties 5.00 Bid

Bid Item #9 Gold Plate Book Mark Chain Cross Dove
       Dezi'z World - 5.00 Bid

Bid Item #10 NSAL Flannel Blanket
Reserved for The Poupounette Gang -thank you for all your donations!

Bid Item #11 Avon Tuxedo Kitty Charm Pink Ribbon
      Marty the Manx: 10.00 Bid

Bid Item #12 Crochet Kitty Bed
        Sandy I 15.00 Bid

Bid Item #13 Crochet Sardines In A Can
        Marg's Animals - 5.00 Bid
Bid Item #14 Silver Plate Tiny Kitty Charm
              Katie Isabella  7.00 Bid
              Hannah and Lucy 10.00 Bid
Bid Item #15 Pretty Kitty Charm Bracelet
              Celestial Kitties 8.00 Bid
             Timmy Tom Cat 10.00 Bid

Item #16 Books 3 Cozy Mysteries 
        Cori Stanley (FB) 15.00 Bid

Item #17 Vintage Hand Made Doll by Dash Kitten - No Bids
Item #18 Hand Made Bracelet by Dash Kitten
          The Pouponette Gang - 12.00 Bid

Item #19 Black Coin Purse Red Rose - No Bids
Item #20 Small Pink Kitty Knit Sweater - No Bids
Item #21 Gold Kitty Pin
          Celestial Kitties - 8.00 Bid

Item #22 Large Red Heart Pendant from 
ML (Cat Blogosphere)
                Kit Kat 11.00 Bid

 Item #23 Avon 1994 Vintage Dragonfly Pin - No Bids
Item #24 Avon Tiger Charm Bracelet
     15 and Meowing - 11.00 Bid

Item #25 Jade Hand Made Pendant from ML (Cat Blogosphere)
     Cats of The Wildcat Woods 10.00 Bid

Item #26 Hand Made Butterfly Earrings by ReliArts - No Bids
Item #27 Two Porcelain Jester Dolls with Stands - No Bids
Item #28 White Kitty Ceramic Napkin Rings - No Bids
Item #29 Four Genuine Uncut Amethyst Gems - No Bids
Item #30 Hand Made Silver Purple Stone Pendant - No Bids

Thank you one and all fur your purrz and support.



  1. Shot? Seriously. I is a darn good thing my Dad doesn't live any where near there. Hugs to Sylvia from all of us.

  2. We hope the kitten gets funds to see a vet and Sylvie gets the funds she needs for rent.

  3. We send our love and our green papers. Poor Sylvia, good luck on her job interview I hope she rocks their socks off! People keep on getting shot it's insane :-(


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