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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Katie Mom's Computer Video Died Last Night

(Katie Mom can't use her computer... the video went kerplop.
Was hoping the monitor had passed away... nope. The onboard video finally went OTRB... RIP dear video. May you find an angel kitty to whap you... Still have auction items without bids, please share with your furry friends.

Silvia was able to pay the rent this week. Thank you soo much for helping her and her kitty kids, especially Guero.  The Mom was going to make Silvia some business cards, but her pooter went kaplooey... Please purr for Mom's pooter... all our photos are in there.
not really Katie Too - just looks like her

-Purrz, Katie Ann Kitty Too,
Official Junior CEO and KFM Spokescat,
"Certified Eccentric and Ornery")

Here am wordless Wednesday photos late...   From Ellie May and the Snacky Mouse

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  1. I have lost my computer many times - from a virus and when it died. All the photos were still on there and the computer guy got them all back. Hope you can too.

  2. Thanks! I hope the hard drive is fine... Brother is checking right now. My biggest pain is getting all my bookmarks from FireFox Browser Pale Moon if I have to start over with a new motherboard. I've been needing to get a new mother board - should have had all my bookmarks backed onto Explorer Favorites.

  3. It's terrible when our computers just die. Hope you can recover all your files.

  4. Hope your mom gets her computer working again. Your Snacky Mouse looks cool!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  5. Oh dang, those techy problems are a real pain in the litter box!

  6. Mommy get awful mad at her computer sometimes. The one we have now is no where near as good as the one wes had in Midway and she makes the HBO word lots at it (especially when she tries to does anything artsy).
    We sends yous purrs and kisses

  7. That smacky mouse looks FUN! We're sorry to hear about Mommy's computer. We hope and purr you can get those pictures back.

  8. It's a conspiracy by the computer people...
    Just call me paranoid!

    Noodle and crew


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