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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kitty Vet Visit Updates... AND EMERGENCY PURRZ!

Hiya, Maxwell Tigger with my selfie from the vets on Friday.  
I'm doing the mewz cause
Katie Too am under protest because Bootsie is sharing the computer room with her... 

Bootsie am in a big kennel cage so Mom can make sure her eats and gets her meds... cause Katie don't wants Bootsie out in the room... Mom don't get it. Katie and Bootsie were together before I came into the picture...  That Katie Too am 13 and don't like nobody now... I don't get it. We used to cuddle together in Mom's lap at our old place.

How you like my handsome face? I have a big chin like Tony the Tiger of Frosted Corn Flakes (no corn for me, breaks me out), yet I think this selfie hides it well. I'm back on Prednisilone starting with a higher dosage before tapering down and the vet trimmed my nails.. Just my neck is sooo itchy!  Katie Mom is helping my neck sore heal up and I will try not to scratch.  Already looking some better. Mom doesn't want to show you the icky photo of my sore. We just show you when it looks better and let you imagine how yucky it is... My total vet bill fur Friday was $63 and a previous balance for me was $34 so I costed $97 not counting change.

Pearl didn't get any vet photos, because Mom had to drop her off Friday morning, since there wasn't any appointments available. She is on another antibiotic twice a day, which is furry hard for Katie and Uncle Mike to do with their schedules. Hopefully she will be able to go to her foster home this week... Her Vet bill was about $51. 

Her nasal congestion is better, though. Pearl and I got to share the car on Friday, to go to our homes... it rained lots on Friday too. After my vet visit, Katie tooks me with her to pick up Pearl and as soon as she gots into the vet office, all the water just poured out of the sky.  Pearl and Katie hads to wait to go to the car. Lots of rainy noise on the car roof while I waited for them.

Then Bootsie who am 9 years old in September, had her appointment on Saturday... and we sure glad that Bootsie not has ring worm and that her skin am just itchy and she needed flea med and Prednisilone likes me to stop itchies. Here am Bootsie's I don't want to be at the vet's selfie. Bootsie gots a nail trim too.  Her bill am wrongs and needs fixin cause she never bin to Willowbend afore and pets gets half price on first exam visit. Dr. Johnson saw her likes nine years ago at another vet office - but dats diffurnts. Her bill plus a Revolution fur Katie comed to $92 when it shoulda been $67. So looks like We gonna has a $25 credit after Mom calls them on Monday.

Katie puts $63 of my bill on Care credit. Katie paid Pearl outta purrniversary money (from our Daddy purson Aug 23 am Mom and Daddy's purrniversary) and Uncle Mike hads to borrow about $126 fur Bootsie, Katie's flea stuff and my previous bill.   All together rounded ups to includes change was a little over $$240...

Now here comes the next part. Bootsie needs a tooth removed which am gonna cost about 352.00 and we dont know that includes the 20% discount that Dr. Johnson give us...  We don't gots that moneys and needs alla helps we can gets so Bootsie can has her tooth removed. Dr. Johnson said she has a resorptive lesion and it am painful. Her eating some but not wanting to eats her favorites food.  

We hads more to talks about ... but Mom just gots a phone call from Dirk, Uncle Mike's neighbor - Flash's Daddy, fell two days ago and hasn't fed his indoor and outdoor kitties and needs to go to ER... Which explains why Flash has been hanging around Uncle Mike's house for the past two days more so than usual... His fence is locked up and Uncle Mike has to climb fence to gets the keys.  Please keeps Dirk in your prayers.  He can't get up out of the chair and must have passed out yesterday cause he thought it was Saturday.  Katie Mom and Uncle Mikes has to go help and feed his kitties... (Pearl at Mom's house still hasn't had her antibiotics yet today)  


Purrz and Meows, 
Maxwell Tigger, 
Katiez Furry Mewz Jr Repurrter.


  1. Beautiful selfie, Maxwell Tigger ! Great report, Katie, we're sorry to hear about Bootsie. We cross our paws that everyone can get the help needed. Purrs

  2. Darn nice selfie! Ouch, Sister Zoe that 3 teeth with resorption and it is supposed to be really painful. Purrs and prayers from all of us.

  3. Lovely selfie! We are sending oodles of healing purrs...

    Basil & Co xox

  4. Your Selfies are all gorgeous. I could need a pawdicure myself nowadays :D Healing Pawkisses and Purrayers are on the way <3 <3 <3

  5. Very nice selfie!!! Hope you all be well soon. Keep updating!!!


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